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UNITAS staff 
proudly presents... 




In 1962, students struggled to 
come together as they moved 
into the first-ever Bridgewater- 
Raynham Regional High School. 
Forty-six years later, the class 
of 2008 faces a similar task: to 
create a vibrant atmosphere in 
the new building while preserving 
the memories and traditions of 
the old facility. The year's edition 
of UNITAS serves to aid in this 

• - 




James Walsh 
Jessica Noones 

the 2008 edition of UNITAS 
is dedicated to... 







m ^B / 


^ IBit 

ij^ ■ / 

Ms. Bette Bridges 

enticing lectures or thought-provok 
laboratory experiments, Ms. Bridges has always been able to stimulat 
students' interests in chemistry. Teaching both high school level anc' 
Advanced Placement courses, she has been a great resource, especiall 
For one seeking a career in the subject. Her endless knowledge am 
amiable personality will be missed deeply. The class of 2008 wishes 
the best of luck in all her future ventures! 




JHalhew ^xeam, a Iming kothei, ban, an ideal leamale, and a genuine fiend. 
^Kid unconditional love foi hid family and feindd and hid toy foi life hah made 
an impact an om lived fomm. ^leamo tuitey urn the life of the [tatty and wm 
unanamoudy Imed lm everyone amc'iated imth him. <J£id tremendous dende of humm 
and hid flowing dmile mill remain in out hearld famm. Swtrwuzn you have left 
dicallijj youre Ml with ad in oax heath, dreams, and jwiyeu. We tone and 
midd you cieamy leai. Wed id and mnmd SFomer, keeji dmiling. . . 

tJ/flalhew rjifi ^ream 

Jimch 14, 1991 - dfaly 2, 2007 

-m c&owim & ^Icm of 2009 




tMT m » 





rs08 CONTBA 


J Bill 
■I II 

,TBAST __^_ 






Wn t 






lyW^ t 

The class of 2008 
would like to 
recognize this year's 
retiree, Ms. Bridges, 
for all the knowledge 
she have passed 
down. Through 
her leadership, she 
has helped many 
to succeed in high 
school and continue 
on towards college 
or a career. 


Mary Bogle 
Attendance Supervisor 

Jeffrey Granatino 

Karen Harrington 

Pupil Personnel 


Mary Lee Pomroy 

Pupil Personnel 


Angela Watson 
Vice Principal 

Debra Welch 

Pupil Personnel 


Alan Peabody 

Vice Principal 

administration (con^d) 

Helene O'Neil 

Allison Asacker 

Secretary to the Athletic 


Dale Perron 

Carol McKenna 

Lee Spearin 

Officer Hobson 
Resource Officer 

Susan Kaszaneck Maryann Mazzone 
Psychologist Department Head 

Sally Reid 

Michelle Rossi 



^^^^— 1 




Geraldine Benedict 
Department Head 

Linda Blocker 

Sharon Davis 

Brenda Shepard 

Elaine Sullivan 


Barbara Murdoch 

Lois Paterna 

Ronald Scarbrough 








Leigh Cooley Daniel Cox 

Calculus, Trigonometry Algebra, Calculus 

Richard Gillis 


Department Head 

Rosemary Hagius 

Deborah Rucker William Saggio 

MCAS Math B Geometry, Calculus 

Heather Trahan Kathryn Waitkevich 
Algebra Geometry 



Elizabeth Calef 

& X ft V 

Paul Conroy 

Alan Coughlin 

Earth Science 

Department Head 

Lorna Hickey 

David Patrick 
Earth Science 

MaryEllen Sargent 

Carla Souza 

Tanya Bejarano 

Jean Donovan 

Laura O'Brien 


Marie Burke 

Dianne Harrison 

Paulo Souza 

Nicole DaSilva 

Erica Thibodeau 


Lindi Donelson 

Richard Warnock 

Department Head 

the arts 

George Anzivino 


Cate Jewett 

Culinary Arts, 

Child Care 

Shirley Wood 
Fine Arts 


David Creighton Kathleen Cribben 

Louise Home 
Department Head 

Angela Kendall Deborah Robbins 


mmaBB mm 

Daniel Buron 

Athletic Director 

John Kearney 
Physical Education 

Dennis Rodrigues 
Physical Education 

Michelle Beshansky 

Susan Dooley 


■ »m 



Robert Peterson 


■ ■ m> .'»5 


cafeteria staff 

Stephen Guarino 

\-«* r 



:\. m 

" ■&.",}} 

, TB ftSTS08 





C0 NTB^ TS08 



■•■■■•■ '■:■: ■ ■*■■-■■ 

' ■ - 

;r «h 



33 v 




acoNW^ 508 



_ m ^_ 


7 ■■" 


2 ""'^ 

m ' 

t *^MWi 







1 Julianne Benvie 

2 Nicholas Marini 

3 Sarah Torres, Laura 

4 Nicholas LeBlanc 

5 Stefani Pagoulatos 


« i 


<3f tU 4 


* i 

field hockey 

1 Courtney Kuzmich 

2 Susan Yelle 

3 Felicia Sylvia, Chloe St. Thomas, Sara 
Maclellan, Megan Riley, Coach Elaine 

4 Jill Wyman 

5 Elizabeth Worsham 

6 Hailee Martin 

7 Elizabeth Worsham 

1 Coach Dan Buron 

2 Brett Wyman, Captain 

3 Sam Barrett, Captain, Evan McCarrick, Kris 
Proule, Stephen McCauley 

4 Kevin Bumpus 

5 Brett Wyman, Captain, Kyte O'Connell, Colby 
LeClerc, Captain 

6 Jake Williams, Kevin Bumpus 

7 Samuel Murdoch, Robert Cormier, Matthew 


ovs soccer 


PC ^ 


w4l it v»*f j ni^W*"- > i 

„.>* « 

tTf '?-; ! ' f r^':'! 1 ^ 



1 Thomas Mullen 

2 Joseph Vella, Capt. 

3 Sean Hayes 

4 Conor McManus 

5 Matthew Goodell, Capt. 

6 Keith Black 

7 Coach Jonathan Levesque 

girls soccer 

1 Kassandra Aveni, 
Leslie Dias, Capt. 

2 Candace Marshall, Capt. 

3 Kassandra Aveni 

4 Laura Callinan 

5 Amy Delgado, Capt. 



1 Nicholas Ives 

2 Patrick Lynn 

3 Paul Scleparis 

4 Kevin Johndrow, Captain 


1 Jenna Nowlin, Rachel Abbruzzese 

2 Meghan Manning, Captain 

3 Nicole Marotta, Rachel Abbruzzese 

4 Jenna Nowlin, Theresa Burgess, Nicole Marotta 

5 Jenna Nowlin, Theresa Burgess 

1 Jordan Wiggins, Captain 

2 Matthew Zingg 

3 Jonathan Tumiski, Thomas Graziano, 

4 Head Coach Larry Fisher, JV Coach 
John Kearney 

5 Dillon Clancy 


• 1 Theresa Burgess 

2 Amanda Brown 

3 Jessica Rogers, Captain 

4 Theresa Burgess 

5 Nicole Marotta, Samantha Marotta 


1 Danielle Haslam 

2 Erin McGrath 

3 Heather Spring 

' 2 

IB Bi 

if" •. 


|L.> tf^ 

I 1 


- //• i ' ! 
/ fM |] 



Level / 


Championships Championshi 


The Trojans finished the regular season 
at 8-9-3, qualifying themselves for the 
state tournament for the fifth time in six 
years. Under the leadership of captians 
Nicholas Ives, Paul Scleparis, and Kyle 
O'Connell, the team also won the Old 
Colony League Championship for the 
third time in the last five years. 

1 Ted Buckley, Joshua Deangelis 

2 Brian Hughes 

3 Paul Scleparis 




oys winter track 

£ ; «« ; i *3 
IHIJitJ l:gsgg;ag;;i. ■- 

• siiiii^Iiliiliiiiiiil - W 

"1*" " ' — """>., •" 

jj, ' J^Bt^^HH ^^^^^ 

4K^ J CBS? H ■— 

girls' winter trac 

1 Zack Hixon, Captain 

2 Thomas Dunphy 

3 Asst. Coach Robert LeRoux, Coach 
Jeffrey Francis 

4 Matthew Oliari, Captain 

5 Stephen Libby 

6 Roy Marshall 

7 Thorn Jones 

8 Matthew Libby 


he 2007 Boys' Lacrosse team made great strides 
i their second year as a team. Lead by Captains 
dam Jaspon and Robert Clancy, they learned to 
lay as a team, laying a strong foundation for the 
oung team. With a great group of juniors and a 
jrge of returning sophomores and freshmen, the 
>am should continue to improve for years to come. 

boys 7 lacrosse 

iris 7 lacrosse 

Adam Jaspon 

Mr. Matt Connolly 

4 '»#i/7# 

Leslie Dias 

Kasey Sheehan 

Karisa Son 

Jessica Correia 

Cheri Sullivan 


' m 

The 2007 B-R Baseball Team, led by 

captains Dave Douillette, Kyle St. Thomas, 

and Brian Shapiro, finished in 2nd place 

in the Old Colony League with a 5-3 

league record, and 1 1 -9 overall for a 

successful season. The team qualified 

for the 6th straight year for the state 

tournament and lost an exciting 4-3 

game to Xaverian in nine innings in which 

Ed Campbell pitched seven scoreless 

innings and Dave Douillette hit a long, 

two-out fly ball to the base of the fence 

in left-centerfield in the bottom of the 

ninth inning that just missed winning 

the game. Campbell, a freshman, finished the season with a 6-0 record and an 

ERA under 1 .00 as one of the Old Colony League's top pitchers. The top hitters 

for B-R were St.Thomas, Ryan Thayer, Drew Larson, and Dave Douillette. Mitch 

Keylor, Chris Post, Tim and Dan Belanger, and Dave Nelson also had very good 

offensive and defensive seasons. Captains-elect for the upcoming 2008 season 

I . are Tim and Dan Belanger, 

and Bobby Hinckley. 

1 . Kyle St. Thomas 

2. David Douillette 

3. Timothy Belanger 

4. Kyle St. Thomas 

5. Andrew Larson 

6. David Douillette 

7. Nicholas Ives 

8. Christopher Post 


1 Back Row: Ashley McKinnon, Sarah Wilbar, Jenna Manning, Brittany 
Eldridge, Jessica Berardi, Nicole Fagundes, Kelly Macomber 
Front Row: Nicolle Brenza, Christina Berardi, Patricia Curley, Rebecca Dion, 
Leah Pringle, 

Amanda Wong 

2 Coach Michael Carrozza 

3 Pitcher Christina Berardi, Captains Patricia 
Curley and Rebecca Dion 

4 Christina Berardi 

5 Leah Pringle 

6 Jenna Manning 

7 Tara Chipman 

8 Ashley McKinnon 

9 Sarah Wilbar 

10 Nicolle Brenza 

r* *f 

m 7^ 

5j^ *? 


|£ ? 




. -^^^^ 

..... v ,..:: . :."■■■; -* - ^3fi£,- ;; .."*. 

I " 

.,,**\ 'z£S. 

oys' tennis 

1 Back Row: Shaun Doherty, Patrick 
Lynn, Peter Bournazian, Nicholas 

Middle Row: Stephen McAuley, Aaron 
Louison, Alex Baird, Connor Bissett, 
Coach Gerald Cunniff 
Front Frow: Steven Viera, Douglas 
Hall, Zachary Bissett, Tamas Bodorog, 
Kevin Johndrow 

2 Kevin Johndrow, Shaun Doherty 

3 Peter Bournazian 

4 Stephen McAuley 

5 Aaron Louison 

6 Zachary Bissett 

7 Aaron Louison 

8 Kevin Johndrow 

9 Zachary Bissett 


I I 



girls / tennis 

The 2007 Girls' Tennis team had another outstanding season, qualifying for the State Tournament for the fourth season in a row 
with a 12-5 record. Led by senior captains Stefanie Crovello and Janine Meagher, the team rallied after losing their first single 
player, Jackie McGuirk, for most of the season, but the addition of sophomore Kelly Meagher strengthened the singles lineup. 
Emma Guardia, Katie Williams, Jenna Nowlin, and Ellen Reid played solid doubles for the Lady Trojans. Highlights included the 
Lady Trojans beating number five seed, Sharon, both during the regular season and in the tournament. The girls were elminated 
3-2, however, in a dramatic three and a half hour quarter-final match by number three, Wellesley. With many excellent returning 
players, the girls' team looks forward to the 2008 season. 


Led by Patrick Omar, Sean MacDonald, Alex Sharp, Brett Wyman, and Robert Cormier, the 2007 boys' 
track team had a very successful season, ultimately winning third place with a 2-2 Old Colony League 
record. Pat Omar qualified for Division I States in the 100-meter dash and the 4 x 1 team also made it to 
the States. With only two seniors graduating, the team anticipates over fifty athletes next year, and hopes 
to win the Old Colony League title. 

















;--•■ > 



ft , 


A' tot 

•..ft*- 11 

*** i 










«mL - 









WM' r 

Eft* Bi » -. J^*"j t 



(j)5® a&w$ 



i 4 

i»- 1 .■ 


■r 4 

BE, ' F*BE 

l J 


' ' 














V * 





rfl "" ■l.HTft 

• WW 


« 1 Km 


*ki rlu 


■ .... 





■ .v ■ 





* .i 







~- , 




,-rQnS CON^ 


OHTB^ b 

nS08 CO 1 



B ,STS08CO^ 


» -"- ' " 

k| hi* iT' Hi ifv. 

■ ■■; 

^^S SSBB i 

1 _ ic?K3E 

■ ■!'31! ail It J ! 

^^^ —B ^^^^^ ^^.^^ ggp 










C 0^ B/X ' 







Kara Clifford. April Dumas. Britanv connnoiiv, Megan Bevls 

rissy Windsor. Kristin Heasor Emily Blanchard, Krystal Derosiers 

Michelle Buonanduci, lex) Zonfrelli, len Dawning, Jessica Rogers 

April Dumad, Shauna Blakeslee 

g C?uide 

Trlsb iBechelti. early Cruise, Taylor Tebbetts 

Susan Yelle, Andrea Hoy, lesse Correla 

Henry Kunkel, Drew Johnston, Janelle Nickoll, Chrissy Windsor, 
Kristin Measer, Shauna Thompson 

Meaghan McGovern, Krisli lamele, Brittany Avila, Michelle Medeiros. 
Janelle Nickoll, Kristin Measer, Rebecca Amaral 

Keyara DeBurgo, Amanda Hooben. Kristi Kelly Golden, Krista Tapp. Ashley Baker. Brlanna Kelllher, Evie Campbell, Amanda 

lamele. Dan Belanger, Jesse Correia, Pocbay, Krystal Goll 

Krystal Derosiers, Brianna Torres. Emily 


Pep Ra 




The first pep rally in the new school was 
a great success! The cheerleaders and 
football players pumped up the school 
spirit with their awesome dance to Soulja 
Boy, and the teachers took their title as 
"tug-of-war champs." Seniors won the 

link war and sophomores reigned in the 
penny war. It set a great start for years 
to come! ^_________ 


n C 

The age old rivalry between juniors and seniors manifested the new Bridge- 
water-Raynham Regional High School at the close of spirit week. The black 
and green seniors met the juniors in orange for the historical first game at 
our state-of-the art field. Mr. Kearney provided a lively commentary of the 
close match and Jill Wyman sang the National Anthem beautifully before 
kickoff. The chilly rain did not dampen the girls' spirits ad Ashley Gracia 
proved a great senior quarterback. The final score was 20 to 16 with the 
juniors being led to victory by quarterback Jenna Manning and the dedi- 
cated coaching staff. Vanessa Pereira was awarded the game ball. 

Lining up for a 
first down! 


preparing for 


Big senior tackle 
to stop the 



Tuesday Night 
Lighs! i 





The first semi-formal in the new school went off with a bangl Sam 
Murdoch and Lexi Zonfrelli began their reign as Mr. and Miss Regional. 
Over 600 people danced the night away and a great time was had by 
all. One of the most memorable parts of the night was Bobby Cormier's 
rendition of sandstorm. The semi-formal was a great way to bring the old 
BR spirit to the new school. 

Sam Murdoch, 
Lexi Zonfrelli 

Jessica Correia. 
Leah Pringle, 
Colby LeClerc, 
Greg Crotty 

The 2007 
Mr. And Miss 
Regional Court 

Medeiros. Alex 

Frankie Rizzotti, 
Hailee Martin, 
Emily Tilbe, Joe 









1 Colby LeClerc. Amanda Hooben 

2 Meagan Harrington, Jon Larcolm 

3 Kate Doherty. Ali Esposito 

4 Shauna Blakeslee. Eddie Eaton 

5 Emily Blanchard. Matt Goodrich 

6 Alex Sharp. Kara Clifford 

7 Ashley Barker, Ashley Whittemore 

8 Lexi Zonfrelli, Jessica Rogers, 
Alicia Levi, Courtney Allen 





^ "y 

I B 1 


■ V?a 

l #^ i 


w V 

1 '"mlr^ar 

'"■ 1 





' ^ 


f, ■ 












.elsey Donovan, Taylor Dubord 
febecca Amaral 
Nick Urdi, Laura Smith 
Zac LeClerc, April Dumas 

Candace Marshall, Jonita 

Jowninq, I nomas 









An unforgettable night with some 
unforgettable friends... 

From the first to last songs, there 
was not a person sitting. Junior 
Prom was a great ending to a 
great year. 


<M C 







tt MiMA,"«*»w,» ! e i n.mnmLUiH'' — — I mmUmn ai m m Mkm m ms>*>™™«-mi saaaaaww^.' ~ • -f -^"^ 

•^ 1 


F /■§■*' 


ii ' 


\ iP9u 

k • 

r HL itvl 

■n ~v »i Ml / 

v I 

H J 


A V 

4 * * 











;;. ,. 


-e <r 

Rebecca Amaral 

Dan Be 




I R r -ifll 


* '#**lt 





-*> tf- 





Laura Antonelli 

Brittany Aula 

Ashley Baker 

Nikki Barthel 

- e 

Tim Belange 

Jennifer Bevis 

Greg Booker 

Dan Callahan 

bhawn Carrico 

ll \ 

Kayla Cartwright 



James Chaves 

v '*<£ 

Michael Clark 

Kara Clifford 

' I 

4 . .. ' ''-~ T - 


Keith Cogan 

Lauren Cohen 

Brittany Connolly 




Rebecca Costa 

Taryn Crosby 

Carly Cruise 



Amy Delgado 


Raymon Donis 

April Dumas 



Britt Eldridge 

Allison Desalliers 

Lindsay DeWolfe 

*.?> « 

Kelsey Donovan 

Steve Downie 

-r L 

f t 



Kim Dunne 


Cailin Dyke 

Alexandra Esposito 

Andrew Ferreira 

Keyara DeBurgo 





Leslie Dias 

i RSI 



^ P 



Jen Downing 




Jennifer Durfee 

Rachel Costa 

Stephanie Curvelo 


Taylor Dubord 

Eddie Eaton 

A - - 

Brandan Fisher 

Joe Graham 

baby pictures 


-» »- n 

Ashley Garcia 

Tom Graziano 


Kelly Golden 


Matt Goodhue 

Alexa Gosciminski 

Kyara Lavoie 

Caitlin Lear 

** §*;?» 



Alicia Levy 


Andrea Lincoln 

Dimitri Louccagos 

Patricia Lucchetti 

baby pictures 


Pat Lyr 

Cassie Mahtesim 

Michael AAancinelli Meghan Manning 

Hailee Martin 

Jaimee Martir 



Leah Mazzoler 

Colin McGrath 


John McManus 

PR- ^B 


Tim Mulrey 

Janese Noble 



Stephen McAuley 

r * *■*» 

• V 


\l • 

-7 : 

Erin McGrath 




Kristin Measor 

* *^P 


Krista McBride 

Ashlley McKinnon 

Amy Medina 




, ■ , 

Alimee McDermott Meaghan McGovern 



Conor McManus Gregory McMani 


Kelly Minardi 

Tara Murano 

Andrea Needham Margaret Needham 

^* I / 



Jenna Nowlin 

Kelsey Ohman 


Matt Oliari 

baby pictures 

Lindsay Monahan 


Leah Nelson 

Stefani Pagoulatos 


Chris Palmieri 

Leah Pringle 

Carly Roberts 


John Ross 

Brandi Short 

Stephen Pereira 

Amanda Pochay 

Kevin Pollard 


/'«•■ r 


Shrestha Ramanlal Christina Ricchardson Aubrey Riordan 

• i*\. *J^HM 




Jonathan Roberts 




Chelsea Schlossberg 


Matthew Silva 

Cassandra Rogers 


^BpP^^^^ ■ - 


Paul Scelparis 

Laura Smith 

Jessica Rogers 


Kevin Shepley 


Erin Pope 



Frankie Rizzotti 

Michaella Rosher 


Amber Short 


_ameron St. Laurent 

Joe Studley 

Erin Sullivan 

Krista Tapp 

baby pictures 

Kanyanat Tengprawat Amanda Thrasher 

Emily Tilbe 

Kanyanat Tengprawat Kanyanat Tengprawat 

Anthony Varela 


Elizabeth Von Iderstein 


iat Tengprawat 

K\ *"*' m" 


^ Xl^i 





jk Vv *^**"^B 

r < i or 


Jonita Weeks 

\ T 

r . 


Ashley Whittemore 

Sarah Wilbar 

Christina Winsor 

Elizabeth Worsham 

Brett Wyman 

Susan Yelle 



Lexi Zonfrelli 

baby pictures 

th< M * 

t-u.'- ■■ ./A' 




Michelle Medeircx 

ay M 

• •t 

"I ! 




ot Cam 



iy Delga 






CLASS OF 2008 

Rachel Abburuzzese 





it Hi v 


Courtney Allen 

"we attract people by the qualities we desplay, 
we retain them by the qualities we posess." 
Mom, Dad, SPat - tyfe 
Bobby - good luck next year, ly! 

Minahel Abid 

Nickname: Min 

Good times with friends and family! Hope you 1 1 

achieve the best, Love you MOM and DAD 

Rebecca Amaral 

Becca, B, Spanky 

Hola kiddos! Wow where do I start? So many 

memories thanks for the amazing times mis amigos 

ukwur. Thank you SO much Mom, Dad, Rachel, 

and Stephanie. Love you! 

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but 

by the moments that take our breath away." 

Well '08 we made it. Mucho amor to /all 

Peace out Boys and Girl Scouts! 



V- 7 

Kayb Amoedo 


"I'm going to stay 18 c forever so we can live like 

this forever" 

08 girls, it's been real, it's been fake but all together 

it's been fun. Beram Household, Cruisin", Cape 

Trips. C.W. neva settle. Beast love. A.L. thanks, 

LY. Mom & Dad thanks for everything. Love you. 

Class of 09, thanks for making it unforgettable, 

miss you & good luck. 


Laura Antonelli 

Mom and Dad, thank you for all the love one 
support. I couldn't have done it without you. Mar 
and Jill, thanks for putting up with me and goo 
luck in whatever you guys do. To my friends, thor! 
for always being there. 
The times we shared will never be forgotte 
Good luck class of '08! 

CLASS OF 2008 

:hael Audette 

uote: Keep it wolf 

t times have happened in tl ' 
t friends have been make, bilva, booKer, 
reddy, Keith. Adrian, Harris and everyone I 
t to mention. Best memories including going 
ath Metal concerts and meeting bands, tj2, 
to the mandarin, playing poker, wii, and 
'ir Hero. That is pretty much all I have to say, 
id Harris - "What is th 


^.*ss?> ><**• K 

/. _ Sm 

H ValM'l ' ' 


mL JHr&mM ■'• 

y ■ 41 

^ \ ^B-Tfc- 

Allison Avelino 

Brittany Avila 

Kyle Badger 

B-ritz, B-RO 

To my friends that turned into family.Jly. Chris- 
topher, my everything, "i promise forever" i love 
you, smooches ■ 3 9-22-06 Prom '06, '07, and 
'08...luv it 

A.M. Thnx for always being there. Hoo.B.AA Mrs. 
Paterna thank you for everything ill never forget 
you or family time CLEARLY! good luck court ily. 
good luck 2008 


na Bagas 

Alexander Baird 

JK, squeeze the lemon, 14 courts, dg, ac, 
mage, Raymundo! Thanks 2.7.90, best day 

CLASS OF 2008 

Edward Bajjercius 

Harris Bajwa 

Humbaba Bajwa', Allahlalala', Brown Mir 

"Bubble Hearthing from Ivl 1" 

Gts with Greg, Mike, Ben, Kris, Freddy 

Azerorh, Outland, Adrian, Chris P. 

Had fun with TJ2, disc, wow, metal and d 

2008 baby Hurrah 

Ashley Baker 

Joshua Barker 


"These are the days worth living, these are the 
years worth giving, these are the moments, these 
are the times, lets make the best of our lives." 
Never forget whitehorse, proms, New Years, 
awesome LNT's. Thanks to my girls who mean 
the world to me ILYSM. Mom, Dad, Lindsay 
couldn't have done it w/o you, love you! good 

Samuel Barrett 

Sammy B 

BR football, its been real, love you guys like 


Ski crew, we stomped those mountains, never 

forget you guys. 

Seniors, we made it, class of '08! 

Michelle Barter 


Nicole Barthel 

Daniel Belanger 

Well it's been a long four years. Though these years 
we've gained and lost friends. We've grown into 
different people together. I wouldn't be here if it 
wasn't for the following people: Jaole, Gianna, Brit, 
Tina, Becca, Chrissy and many more people. 

BR Baseball...4 Great Years 

his is not a /V\ick 

T, S, E, Ivesy, Johnj, Scalpa. Page, Hix-daddy, 

Great times throughout High School with 
you guys. 

Neighborhood Crew...never forget 
CYO & Biddy Ballin" 
Good Luck Liz, Joey, Emily. 
Thanks for everything Mom & Dad 
MMC - Always Thinking About You 

CLASS OF 2008 

Jennifer Bevis 

Megan Bevis 

"There, there, baby, it's just a textbook stuff, it's 
in the ABC of growing up, now, now, darling 
oh don't lose your head, "cause none of us were 
angels and you know I love you." My girls, A 
Kara, Taylor, Jen, Susan, Andrea, Shauna. Love 
you EB, Meaghan & Erin, forever. Mom, Dad 
and Nicole, thanks for everything. Good luck 
2008, it's been fun :) 


CLASS OF 2008 

Justin Bieb 

Thanks Mom and Dad EV KY. Beebs Love You 

Soccer 1-4 OCL Chops 05 07 Gts 

Winter Track 1-4 

Spring Track 1-4 

Travel Soccer "The Dream Team" 

24 on the 24th-3 years running 

Good luck 08 

James Biltcliffe III 

Jared Blount 

Shauna Blakeslee 

Emily Blanchard 

Shaun, Shaununu, gurty LP DB TB SM SM - more than a family, stick to 

remind me that well still have each other when your roots CM - forever and always, creamo 
everything else is gone - miss you so much RIP 

AL bf always LL AL CC ly nmw 

'08 girls x-mas parties, girls night + semi - best 

boys hate/love you all haha gt's CUCMBER 
FL "05 & '07 cruisin! 4?20 
mom, dad ty for everything love you 
good luck Brandon 

no Photo 


- miss you so much RIP 
Stay Gold Class of 2008! 

Steven Boimila 

This is for- my family, 'for my brothers, and -for 
friends. This goes to sleeping in gym, spend' 
sophomore summer at Brit's, spending nigH 
out with the guys. And last but not least wait" 

tor that year 

Gregory Booker 


"Good talks, see you out there' -Old School 

-Kayla- 3 5/12/07 I Love You 

Great times at disc.Freddy, Auc 

Rob, etx. 

P.S. 118 for life. 

Rogues, the original ganksters 

Peter Bournazian 




Hockey I raise a million Good times in my base- 
ment "Ruba Dub Dub thanks for the Grub yay 
God" Thank you for everything Mom and Dad. 
Goodluck next year Jaclyn and Sam Ping Pong 

CLASS OF 2008 

Shaina Boyle 

Nicholas Braga 

Brian Brown 

Nicky B "Downtown brown 

raod times Cam, Scalp, Cunha, Oli, Page, Lynn Good times playing soccer for 3 years. Good 
and Chim. Keep em comin'. times going to Emmmas for $1 pizza night. 

Family and friends, Mom and Dad, thanks for Great times playing guitar hero and halo 3 at 
everything Jon Roberts house. . . Hanging out with my friends. 

Peace to all my boys still at BR: CD, B.R, D.O. 

and M.Z. 

Michele Buonanduci 

Steven Burgess 

I'll always remember the Library study with Lauren, 
playing Lacrosse, Biddy League, working at Cape 
Cod Cafe, and spending way too much money 
on my Blazer. The summer of 07 was great and 
it continued into my senior year. 
Good Luck class of '08. 

Shauna Burke 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Mandee, and John! 

NHS, Peer leaders 1-4, Winter Track 

Good times with good friends, 

ball and hockey games, trips to Boston, concerts, 

parties, & beach days 

LLMLJCJB.Jhank you! 

"We live not knowing we are changing, but 

when we realize we've changed, we realize 

we've lived" 

CLASS OF 2008 

William Burns 


Brandon Cap 

Daniel Callahan 

-Merry Christmas 

-Where's the ClothsPin 

-Parsnips Melissa parsnips 

-R.I.P. John Lindskog signed. Carry. 

-Mr. Conroy is the man! 

-Thank you Mr. Ringuette, you are an awesome 


-Mrs. Rucker, you are my all time favorite teacher, 

I would not have gotten through high school 

without you 

-Mia-Kay, no matter what happens I will love 

you forever 


rr *,* r 


Iff - 






> \ 

' Jv// ' 


Evelyn Campbell 


Matthew Calapa 

Nicole Cardaci 

"These last four years have been so crazy. Bel . 
Scotland links and New Hampshire. To the 
and '67. I couldn't have made it throug 
without Lauren. I wish the best to class of 
Remember No Regreats - peace out B-R 

Shawn Carrico 

Kayla Cartwright 

Shawnie Boi 

Good times SB's after school, Postin up with the 

Homies. Rollin deep, short shorts on pogo sticks, 

R.I.P Jabari, and Jimmy. Always missed my dudes. 

Love for my family and friends. Pe»ce to all my 

boi's and Girlies. 

"Im a shine, Im a make mine" 

"If you take this journey, gotta give yourself 
completely, we'll never let nobody ever step on 
our dreams...And as long as we still stand together 
Love will find a way" -Christina Aguilera 

3 Greag 5/12/07 I love you 

Tara - my best friend - thanks for always being 
there bestie! 


CLASS OF 2008 

.y Cesar 

ari & CreamoJove you guys always 
ttin it poppin with all my boyz and all tha 
ah mean 

o get right?...Nah mean.Jolz 
08LWe outta hea baby...KDen!l! 
crash for moving...stop gettin bagged!!!... 

ou mom...Thanks for helpin me get thru 

D.J. B.R. & J.B. 


William Chappell Jr 




f*4 James Chaves 


Jimmy, Chavo 

Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Best of luck to the Class of 20081 



—*» <W" m 


V ■ - — y\ 



Nicholas Chmielinski 

Nick. Chim 

Good times Joe. Pat M, Pat L, Corey, Braga, 

Ross , Derek, Jeff and many more. Thank you to 

my friends and family. 

" Life moves fast if you don't stop and look around 

once in a while, you could miss it. 

Wt^^&wfa?~ : - 





. ^Sr\ 



jSt'r' j 

*^S ^7 

^M **' W^ 

Kristopher Clapp 

V4 of Afterwork Quartet 

Michaela Clark 

"Resolve to be thyself: and know that he who 

s h is m isery." -Arnold. 
:r; ceen a good time getting to know you all, 
I just have one question Henry - "Where s the 
post office?!?" Godbye Sherber Sky; Psalms 

Kara Clifford 


CLASS OF 2008 

Corey Cloudmcm 

Keith Cogan 

Cogon, Coggs, Keithy by Mr. Kearneyl 
Lacrosse, football, hockey, track & field, goll 
at my house, Hangin with Katie, Jro, T-Mul S i 
B, Jenna, Kate, and Mikey. Sports camp, 
Caitlyn. Special thanks to Mom, Dad and t « 
all their support through the years, Alway, 
with Mr. Blake, "it's not how hard you hit, it' 
hard you get hit and keep fighting." 

■*■ Lauren Cohen 

BR, thanks for all the memories. I never would have 
made it through without Nicole and Steve. Mr. 
Blake you're a great teacher and confident. Thank 
you for everything you've done for me. The Cape, 
"there's a kid!" "Duxbury?", avoid the situation, huh 
and huh!" We don't break under pressure, best of 
luck '08! Go for the happy endings because life 
doesn't have sequels. 

Brittany Connolly 

Britt, BC 

"Breathe a little deeper now, because this is 
who we are" 

Here's to the class of 08. Our years together 
I'll always treasure. Best Friends; NEVER LOSE 
TOUCH. LJMKV. JR! CT : CanHen, LB's, BG's, 
CANCUN '07, 420 CRUISE. These moments are 
forever sister promises! 

Mom, Dad, Nina, and Pops, Thanks for every- 

Love you All! ' gL Krista 
R.I.P CREAMO So long BR! 

Jessica Correia 

Rachel Costa 

Rach, Costa 

"had no exCuses fOr the thiNGs that we'd done, 
we weRe br A ve, we were crazy, we were mosTly 
young...wiSh it wAsN't over." -kenny chesney 
gooD times & GOOD friends Last forever U 
know who you are. rr &bC don't forget our wall 
of inside |oKes. Cops, Love, brAd paiSley, tk, db, 
promS, pOwderfuuFf. '08 MDM 3 

Rebecca Costa 

Christopher Costa 

M: Copy set in 8 point Palatino. Justified I 
ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscm- 
se dian monummy nibh euismod tincindat ut lor 
dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. dolor si 1 
consectetuer adipiscinh elit, se dian monummy i 
euismod tincindat ut laoreet dolore magna aliq 
erat volutpat. dolor sit amet, consectetuer adi| 
elit, se dian. monummy nibh euismod tincind 
erat volutpat. dolor sit amet, consectetuer 

CLASS OF 2008 

Sean Craffey 

new friends having fun hanc 
away from the era 

Taryn Crosby 

«. *<K TUG 

Gregory Crotty 

Tay Tay, Ta, Ta-Lynn 

"You only live once, so live every J ~ ' u " 


Felicia & Matt; you guys have always been there 

for me throughout the best and worst of times, 

and we have the most amazing memories that 

will continue for many more years to come. I love 

you both to death! 3 

<\F AABFs Always. So many unforgettable 
>gether. SB and Al_ love you both. 4/20 
da Babes '08. Christmas parties at SB's. 

IghtatKI's. Rascal Flatts w/ LL Powderpuff. 
pep rally. CK, TYFE, "The List" and more to 
ftp always. Mom and Dad, I love you so 
i YFE. Good Luck Class of 2008! 

Jonathon Cunha 

Stephanie Curvelo 

*4 ^' 


Michael Cummings 

J on (keys) Curves, Stephie poo! 

The past four years of high school are years you Fam: Thanks for everything! 

dread, but at the same time you don't. Fondest I love you so much! Haha my best! 

memories would be hanging out with friends and Thanks for ALL the memories you crazy kids! 

all the great cruises through middleboro. My I love you and good luck th 

family, all good eggs. A quote I go by is, "Live Good Luck '08 

first, life is too short for the BS " No regrets, 

thanks for everything. 


CLASS OF 2008 

Patrick Dam 

Pattie Dam 

I can't believe Dinphy threw it out the window. 


Keyara DeBurgo 


This is dedicated to my "Soulja Gurls" & ll» 
true buddies. I had a great 4 years will 
guys, Seniors '08. I wanna thank my mon 
dad. Also, my hubby De'Shaun. I love d 
guys and I'm gonna miss you. 



Amy Delgado 

Amy D. 

Here's to the qood times! 

Alison Desalliers 

My girls and guys ily so many memories thanks for 
an amazing four years, Mom and Dad thanks for 

Friends: AN,KW,AAG,MK,CS,AW,AL & the everything ily, SD and CD I couldn't have done it 
auvs | without you two, MB I love you thanks for always 



AN-my best! Ily, tyfe! always! Track; 4x4 ever! 
NE champs; girls ily 

CO: good luck; thanks Mom, Dad, Jim, Mike, 
Kate, Good luck '08,TY! 
My wish to you is that your life becomes ALL 
that you want it to! 

being there. Syphy we'll be back® Good Luck 
class of 08, College watch out! 


Krystle Desrosiers 

Lindsay DeWolfe 

no Photo 


Leslie Dias 

Soccer, Track, Lacrosse 

Class of 2008. thanks for the ride and good 
luck wherever you end up. Leah and Jesse, I love 
you both and we will always be best friends, 
regardless of time and distance. MG, it's been 
real. Dad and Mom, thank you for all the support 
and good luck Mike and Ali. 

Kate Doherty 


AE. JN- my bests. Mom and Dad, Thanks for 

everything. BR Hockey Superfans° # 15- my 


Dunks,- Crew, JPESSDTNEZ, my girls 

Thanks for the memories 08"..."Don't Stop 




X, f 

CLASS OF 2008 

n Donis 

school experience has been an incred- 
=y that wouldn't have been the same 
II my friends, teachers, and my parents 
,3. It's because of those amazing people 
forever carry these memories with me. 
R Boys Varsity Soccer Team, "We da 
-lese times have been great. Thanks 

Kelsey Donovan 

Lil Dunnie 

Congrats Class of '08! Many memorable moments 
over the last four years. Thanks Mom, Dad, Kev, 
Pat. and DNLLL for everything. Cheerleading and 
BR"s first girls lacrosse team- Great times girls! 
Good Luck Seniors! 

Stephen Downie 

Nickname: Downie 

The fun times I had messing around with my 
teachers, from the constant high fives with Mrs. 
Thibodeau, to bumping heads and dancing with 
Ms. Trahan, Driving Mrs. Settino and Mrs. Rog- 
ers crazy in English. The clowning around I did. 
my dressups. my good years and the fun I had 
with my many many awesome friends, from one 
awesome moment to another. 

Jennifer Downing 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it 
happened" My Loves SYTTADKC & the rest of 
08'. thanks for making it unforgettable! To the 
moments that stand out... semis, prom 07'. 311. 
punta cana. BG's.Sharp's LB'sCape.Sb's, summer 
07'... and all the others. Mom, Dad & Jimmy 
TYFE: Joey GL Next year! I'll Miss you 08'; good 
luck out there! 


phenomenal year it has been. Chillin 
member MCAS, the senoritas. the 
/s. Thank you all my teachers who 
jve up on me. Peace out. Look at me 
lade it. Thanks for all the help. I can 
battle of wits. History. Hit it. 

Taylor Dubord 

Toy, Tay. Tub, Tubz 

Student council, NHS, 

Thanks for all the support Mom, Dad, Ashley, CC, 

Nana, Papa, and Grammy 

Good luck Ashley 

Meagan, Vicky, and Leana thanks for always 

being there 

Pat 9/15/07 

"To unpathed waters, undreamed shores. 

Gaelle Ducheine 

April Dumas 

Some of the best and worst times I've ever 
experienced. Good memories with the true few. 
h & love. "Trust but 
not too much; love with your heart but let your 
mind guide you" -Gaelle 

my best- KG TT &JD..Ly & tyfe. * all the girls of 
course ; I unforgettable times throughout the years... 
BG;s, LB's, girl's nights at MB's, prom, 311, r$L, secret 
santas & PUNTA CANA, class of 2008.."ifs been 
a wild ride, I wouldn't chani 

CLASS OF 2008 

Kimberly Dunne 

Kim Kimmie Kimmiecakes 

Seniors 1 It's about time. So many memories over the 

. r r , I n I II Pi I 

boys POINTS! Shawna. a nominated senior, ily 
sil gL next year. Thanks Mom. Dad Bonnie, Pat 
and Kelly ily all. SAA * TAA my boys Seniors '08 
ill miss you guys 
"We come in as friends and left as a family." 

no Photo 


Sean Dunphy 

Jennifer Durfe 

Corey Dwyer 

Class of '08. 

Friends and Family, thanks for everything. 

Pat Dann, Dave Gill, The Dunph, Nickerson, Slicis, 

Santo and Mustard, you guys are what made these 

years worth it. Too many good memories. Mom, 

Dad, Derek, thanks for always being there. 


Megan Durgan 

t£' 8 

no Photo 


Cailin Dyke 

"We laughed until we had to cry 
We loved right down to our last goodbye 
We were the best I think we'll ever be 
Just you and me 

For just a moment" 

To those who made it all worthwhile: 

Mom. Dad, Brianna, Laura, Nick, Lori C 

Tina, Coleman, . . 

I love youl 


"Pretty Good!" 

Always '& Forever. 

Edward Eaton 

Matthew Egger 

Congrats Class of 2008!! These four years have 
gone by so f c 
else-thanks for always making me laugh. Thanks 
to my family for always supporting me. Good 
luck to everyone!! 

CLASS OF 2008 

10, we take a little of each other 

ossiDie is iNorning 1 . 3 S-ball girls 

I Good Luck in College 
06 Miss you! 
everything Mom, Dad. * Missi LY! Ly 
1 1 via. U got me thru a lot 


Jillian Emberg 

Sean Enright 

Alexandra Esposito 

Good times & lots of laughs 

Thank you Mom & Dad for everything and friends 

for making four memorable years. LA & CP 

' Estes 

the weapon of the future 

-^ SSU 


Andrew Ferreira 

Andy - Drew - Ferreira 

I would like to thank staff and friends for all the 

support all 4 years of high school, thank you, SM, 

DW, EG, SN, MG AT. and LMD. 

You can't be succeed at life until you try. 

My fondest moment is me working here over th 

summer. I've always been seen with my friends 

and my g/f. Also I want to thank the guidance 

department for support. 

«' Brandon Fisher 




Amanda Folsom 

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart' 

friends, I love you =1 

family is everything- mom, dad, mike + sue 

We promised each other forever- 

kiddo 8.12.89-7.25.07 

CLASS OF 2008 

Amanda Pontes 


Oieerleading 1-4 111 miss you girls ly. Ladies, tyfe 

, ou knov\ '.-. ho \ ou are Po\ s FG BG AS JAA 
Cruise 2008. FL07. Goodluck *08 miss you all. 
thank you mom. dad and paul. goodluck Dani 
love you RIP Jabari 11-26-06 

Andrew Fredrickson 

John Gailius 

Brendan Gardiner 


XC- push it to the limit, P.S.118 Pigeon Man, Dino, 

Jolly Oily Man, Arnold, Ceasar. "Et tu Brute?"- J.I, 

P.S, J.S, S.D, CD, C.P, 

Shotgun, No Blitz 

Michelle Glynn 



Mom, Dad, Chris & Nicole- thanks for evi 
thing, ly. 
' Friends! Couldn't have done it without you, it's Lx-c 
an amazing 4 years. Chels&mk' lulab bgs 
Girls [] &guys. BRRC dannyagi; 
bonfires, late night parties, NH, summers. 
Chels- you don't mean that.ONE "MAZL 
"Cabeza?!" "it's in the wash" 
Mac&cheese, all my love; Chris 8, Matti-g 
luck! BR, it's been real. 

Kelley Golden 

Kelt Goldfever, KAG-face 

Endless nights cruising to Plymouth, 

The secrets told under the stars, 

swept away by the waves, And held in our 

hearts forever; 

Aimee, Ashley, Hooben...Mom, Dad, Jessica and 

Amy thankx for everything, I love you all<'°' B-R 

08 GL & Peace out! 

Matthew Goodell 


Winter Track 2-4 

Baseball 1-2 

Soccer 1-4; OCL champs '05 '07 good times 

Four Meets World 

Biddy Champs '07 

Travel Soccer "The Dream Team" 

Mom, Dad, Billy, and Ryan Thank you, LY 

LC- ILY, Good Luck 

Good Luck '08 

CLASS OF 2008 

.w Goodhue 

nd Spring Trac 2-4. Football 4 

L, GC, BW- Pete's basement, good times 

jck LD- you're my best friend, thank you 

ys being there. "This is only a chapter. 

rely a point in our lives where we don't 

io we are" 

" id, Chris, and Kevin- thank you for 

ig. Good Luck Nick. 

Bradley Gordon 


Good times with my dogs JD BH AS BW CL ZL. 

Cucumber, BH, SB, AL 

Mom and Dad thanks for everything. 

Alexa Gosciminski 

Ashley Gracia 

"In the end we'll recall, for four years we had 

My best 

Never forget LNT's, five rules, jetlag, fires, purple 
everything, Whitehorse, rink visits, driving to 
endanger, proms, Freetown trips, sketchiness, girls 
nights, and Providence statues. Mom, Dad, and 
Kurt, thanks for everything...Good Luck 2008. 
it's been great. 


when they say high school is the best four 
your life. M.M.R.A., TRIO, A.M..C.R..J.V.A. 
.S..N.U., Raynwater players, chorus, history 
crew. Thanks to everyone who made a 
who I will never 


Thomas Graziano Ji 


Basketball 1-4 Football 1-4, GT's with the boys. 
PP a BW House, A.S House. Fun always with CL. 
♦ BG. J.M., J. Wiggs IV... Brad Paisley '07. 
Love you and miss you Creamdizz. Mom, Dad, 
Amy, and Danielle thanks for everything, Love 
you. GL '08 
Peace Out B-R. 

Erica Gray 

Memories are a way of holding onto the things 
you love, the things you are, the things you never 
want to lose. Heres to those times I will never 
forget.iNT's, whitehorse, FREETOWN trips, Boston, 
jr prom & sr prom, summer 07', senior trip! My girls 
always there Thanks 
to my family, Mom, Dad, Alyssa & Lauren...! love 
you..Congrats 08' We finally made it! 

Sarah Maria Guilford 


Remembering great times- karate, Mr. BR shows 
and plays, driving, loud music, semi-formal dances. 
Mickey D's, Junior prom. Thanks to Mrs. W„ Mr. 
C, Mr. P., and Mr. B Best of luck LUT, AF, SM, 
AT, MB, JF. Mom, Grandma, and family love ya. 
Watch out world, here comes the class of 08' 

CLASS OF 2008 

Brittany Guinan 

Eugene Guinan III 



. ^^ ' ._. 



ITT ii 1'. 




, ' pi 





Brian Gummow 

Corey Hallgren 

For the last 4 yrs of high school I haven't done 
much, but bring sexy back, and made fat jokes 
sound cool. Thanks to my friends, PatAA, Chim, 
PatL. Ross. JennaBAI, Kate D. MC MK, Becca, 
Amy D, CS, JS, and thanks to my mom and step 

I couldn't ask for any better 

Haley Hatch 


Shayne Hackley 

■**v _, Mk 




■ : " : :: ■;. 

Niki Hatzidis 

Meagan Harrington 

High school has been full of amazing memone 
Thank you to everyone who has made my e 
perience at B-R a great four years. I love ,«.. 
Mom and Dad; thanks for always being then 
Good luck Neill 

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and 
women merely players." Thank you to all my friends 
and teachers at school, Chorus, History of Rock n' 
Roll Crew + sometimes Tara, and Capachione's 
my second home. "It is good to be solitary, for 
solitude is difficult; that something is difficult must 
be a reason the more for us to do it. 


CLASS OF 2008 

n Hayes 

. you Mom. Dad, Rob, and Meg for helping 
irough these past four years. Love you 
t 1-4 OCL champs '05. '07 good times 

r track-1,2,4 
- track-1,2.4 
I Luck Class of '08 

Kaitlin Healey 

Shane Healy 

Living for yourself is no way to live your life 

Brian Hennessey 

Bribs, Bhen, Henney 

Trojan class 2008 "We don't break under 


Weekends at sharp's; France * Spain Crew; Soccer 

team pasta parties OCL champs!; SR, RN- more 

like brothers, good luck next year; raynwater cast 

and summer '07; thankyou for everything Mom, 

Dad. Tommy * Devin; No regreats. congratulations 

and Good Luck class of 2008 





jamin Herrick 

IAfterwork Quartet, 
t don't care" 

Robert Hinckley 


M, A 



Eric Hinxman 

Zackary Hixon 

no Photo 





■ ■ 

CLASS OF 2008 


Treya Hooben 



Amanda Hooben 

Hoobie, Hoobs, Hooba, Chuc ' 
Smiling til our cheeks hurt, and laughing till 
eyes start to water...AJ, AM, KG, AR you n 
my 4 yrs. awesome and all the insanse hermi 
friendly's! Moshing everywhere we go, fin 
Titicut and summer parties every day! So m 
LNT's and gts! Mom, Dad, Krystle, and Tono li 
for everything you all rock! GL ohhh8! 

Andrea Hoy 

To musicals, dunks, student council, trig, and making 
friends! Summer '07 crew & Raynwater Players! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Eric, & Al for everything! 
Class of "08 - We;ve come so far, Good Luck 



Brian Hughes 

Nubs, The Nuberican, Bribn ■ 

To all my hockey boys... I raise i 

Champs '06. 

"08 it's been fun. B-Rad, J.D., J.M., P.B.. A.S 

Cucumber - B.G, A.L., S.B. 

Mom + Dad, thank you for always supporting 

with what I want to do. 

"Focus on what you have, not on what 


Victoria Hunter 

Kristi lamele 


Laugh at confusion; quality tyfe! Cruise girls 
love you, Bermuda 2008, Plymouth Ole w/ SP 
JD & MM, xmas parties at SB's, semi's, prom's 
& powder puff, it's been real 08' good luck! 
Mom, Dad, Jen, Mike, ' Lexxi Love you! Miss 
you bubbie, tyfe! 

CLASS OF 2008 

~lutch "Maverick great time 
ser my best friends, Stoopkid, Das bewt, 
3va, and Wingman. We made memories 
1 our 4 years here. 

§ Dad you helped me a lot and I love 
nqratulations and i 


- 1} 



Nicholas Ives 

D, T, E, S, KJ, Scalp. Great 4 years with you guys. 
BR Golf Dream Team, lip-ins and lip-outs. Trojan 
Hockey family, pasta, cards, and "raising a million". 
Thanks Mom and Dad for always supporting me, 
Good luck Mish and Matt, I love you guys. 
Class of 08' best wishes in the future. 
R.I.P Matt Cream 


Eric Jankins 

Kevin Johndrow 


Traveling with the TJ2 Robotics team going to Bos- 
ton, New Jersey, New Hampshire. Maryland, and 
Atlanta! I want to thank all my friends and family 
who supported me through these four years. 
Impossible is nothing and never quit. 
Congrats class of 2008! 

B-R Golf lip-ins, lip-outs, and gt's. Tennis...good 
looks. Coon St, scalp. Jack, Belangi- TD, I vesy, Sam 
Murd, you guys. Mom, Dad thanks for 
everything. R59'crs. "And that right there, well 
that's, that's got to be a touchdown" 



Drew Johnston 

'icating my blurb to my "Soulja gurls" and 

: few buddies. I had a great four years 

ly class of 08', Thanks Mom and Dad for 

ling GOOD LUCK ISAIAH, Love you! And 

b wonderful life class of 08'!!! 




Cody Jordan 

Brianna Kelliher 

no Photo 

"Were doin' it!* AEG, ARP, AMB, ABW, ELG- 
my best. Never forget.lNT'S, JETLAG, FIRES, 
LOVE 1-31-07. tHANKS mOM AND dAD, 
OF 2008. 

CLASS OF 2008 

Andrew Kellogg 

"Kellogg's* "frosted Flakes* 

"The more you suffer the more it shows you really 

core-* -The Offspring 



Marie Kiley 

f <& 

Michael King 

Timothy Kendrick 

You're still not Lucas 

It's funny. Years from now, you're gonna \ 
back on your senior blurb and wish you wn 
something else. 

Kayla King 

"* . 

"And when it's all over, and it comes my time, I'll 
leave this old world with a SATISFIED MIND" 
To all my lovelys stay strong and don't break. We 
are now, and will be always. BR '08 



■ \ 

tftP^ . \ "^> 1118 



^^-> wiM 

v»fcmi " 

B^~ '"«Nfc; 4tt 



Timothy Kinsman 


Freshman year Pats win 3rd Superbowl Sox 
world serioes. Sophomore year, first year 
varsity fotball and track. JR year no sport: 
my first job and many good times with my r* 
friends. Senior year back to sports. First wresti 
practice in 2 weeks can't wait. Good times h 
and more to come 

Jade Kluve 

Pamela Korotsky 

CLASS OF 2008 

Matthew Kron 

Henry Kunkel 

Elizabeth Lambert 

jII. Track with Wilcox "Shakr 'n bake." 

seniors 2008 "We don't- break under 
"e." Booker's car. CM you the man. Best 

« with best of friends "Only those who 
; going too far can possibly find out how 
h can go." 

Kyara Lavoie 

Eric La: 

Lindsay Larkin 

Cheerleadingl-4 GT's, love you girls. CC,AL SB 
yaaup. My girls; always '3 tyfe. '08 boys GT's/ 
ill miss you guys! Christmas parties at SB's. Girls 
nights at Kl's. Rascal Flatts with CC Egg war. 
Pep-rally. Powder-puff. Bermuda Babes '08. RIP 
CREAMO, ly *my. Thank you Mom and Dad 
love you. Good luck Kenny and Kelsey. Good 
luck Class of '08! 

CLASS OF 2008 

Caitlin Lear 

Nickname Cait 
Dear Seniors 

Wow. the lost four years have gone by so fast. 
There's been drama heartbreaks, love, and lies. 
but no matter what we've always mode it through 
together. B-R is my second home and family and 
always will be. Congrats class of 2008! Love 
always Cait 3 PS. J-Master Flash thank you for 
always staying true. 

Tyler Lecesse 

GT's Football '07, Bo B-R Track "Shake n 
1-4 B.C. G.G., J.M.. M.M.-Best Friends 
chillin in the poolhouse, Love the BP Table 1 1 
summer '07. T.T.K.CAD.J.D. (with batl-ll's 1 1 
frugal. ST. =), GL Zac in HS, Thanks Mom a 
Dad. Don't break Seniors. Thanks for everyll 
and Good Luck, 

Colby LeClerc 

Zachary LeClerc 


Riptraptnready. . . 08 Football team # 11/15. Pete Achary, Z, Zasss 

gets sick haircuts. I c3 Gymnastics. Rutgers chant Zinga and Champagne good times at the Revs 

with Bobs freestyles. Ping Pong at b-dubs house. game (JoJol. Gummow's house gonna miss it. Rink 

Bradley A to Z. with T.G. Thanks friends and family. 

Arielle Leonard 

REL, Lenny, Gorgeous, Lendawg 

It's been a good past four years, I can't believe its 

over! I'm going to miss all my '08 guys and girls. 

SS.MT.MM.ER.JJBOO thanks for the good 

and bad times. Mom, Dad, Mike, love you 

always <3 

Thanks for the memories, good luck '08 

Chelsea Levaggi 

Chels, Little Levaggi. Levagg 
MomDad and family, tyfe, I love u! 
Wherever you go.go with all your hear 
Congrats 2008... We finally did it!! 

Alicia Levy 

Yan Yan Liang 

no Photo 


CLASS OF 2008 

rea Lincoln 

Is, it's been fun. 

jading 1-4 capt 

competitors! ly girls 

illy * egg wars best times! 

oevah, ily 

! nazels haha ly linds<3 

va settle! 

sr, undefeated babyl SB, BH BG--3ly 

uck 2008! 

Dennis Lloyd 

Tara Lonergan 

Andrea Looney 

So much love and thanks to Mom & Dad. Love 
to my brothers Jeff and Kyle, my sisters Angela 
and Crystal, and my niece Savannah. Love you 
Matt, Erica, Mandy, Niki, Celina, Denise, Courtney, 
Brandon, Adam, & Jackie. You're the best. 
This road we're on might be long, but my faith 
is strong, and that's all that really matters. -Keith 

Looney Tunes 

"You will look back on the times you laughed 

and you will cry. You will look back on the times 

you cried and you will laugh. You will always 

remember close friends and you will always keep 

memories of them in your heart." 

Nothing but good times "" 

Good Luck '08. 

Miss you all. 

rios Loucagos 

believe these 4 years have passed by 
I've had so many different experiences, 
ter and for worse. Thanks to everyone I 
roughout this journey: you all shaped me 
i kind of way, big or small. Goodnight, 
»d luck. 

jf» 3JI 

Patricia Lucchetti 

Trish, Chetti 

"Take care of all your memories. For you can- 
not relive them." Thanks Mom, * Dad, T, J, E, 
D, K; ily. 

Beram household, cooking crew; lintriesshaun... 

"I'm looking forward to it" lol L. 
Thanks B-R, * Good Luck class of 08! 
rip L 

Jonathan Luck 

Scott Lyman 

CLASS OF 2008 

Patrick Lynn 

Pot. Lynn 

Ski club, lote nights and early mornings. Baldies 

with the guys. Lote night parties early morning 

wake up calls. 

Thanks to my mom for everything. 

Pot. Corey. Joe, Nick. Nick, girls and friends its 

been a good four years 


"No Regrets* 

Brian Mace 

no Photo 


Amanda Maceachern 

John Madden 

Madden, jojo mama 

Yeah high school has had it's ups and downs, but 
at the end I've mad mad friends, OCC champs 
soccer 05' 07' good times with my futbol hooligans, 
to my boys, BG, T, BHEN, NUBS, BRAD, GRAZ, 
PET AH B. yeah and Dock Ships everyday 
Thanks! Love you moms and pops 

Cassandra Mahtesian 

What an incredible four years! 

So many good times with such great friends^ 

Thank you for everything Mom and Dad 

GO 2009 

We made it! 

"Do not be troubled by. the future for it is yet 
to come." 

"Live in the present and make it so beatuful that it 
will be worth remembering." -Ida Scott Taylor 

Michael Mancinelli 

Activities: Football 4trs. Winter I rack J yrs . 
Track 4 yrs., Student Council 2 yrs. Student Sd 
Committee Advisory. Board 3 yrs. Newspo 
Club 1 yr. 
Farorite Quote: "The harder you wor! 

luckier you get.' 

Meghan Manning 

Michael Marden 

CLASS OF 2008 

dace Marshall 

08' we finally made it! We've gone 
1 so much together. My Soulja Gurls I love 
lany gts. "A-Block" Varsity soccer- captain 

back 2 back champs good luck next year 
Aarquis and Roy good luck next year imma 
■u so much 3 

Hailee Martin 

Thanks B-R, Family and friends. 

Good luck class of '08, 

The best is yet to come, "s^ 

Jaimee Martin 

Nickname: Jaimee 

It's been real. Thanks to Friends and especially 
ve done it without you. 
?ood luck class of '08. I'll leave high school with 
this: "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and 
look around once in awhile you could miss it 
- Ferris Bueller 

Leah Mazzoleni 

no Photo 

Stephen McAuley 

BR football and tennis- good times. Sam, Dan, Tim, 
Eddie, Nick, Paul, Jack, Kevin, Zack, Emily, Jenna, 
Kate - we did it. Good times at Super Pizza. 
Good luck BR, I'll miss you. 

RIP Matt Cream and John Lindskog. 

Krista Mcbride 

Thanks to all my friends and family who have been 
there for me through it all. These past four years 
flew by and I will always remember the memories 
made with the friends I will never forget, ily girls. 
Good luck class of 08"! 

Aimee McDermott 

Aimsta, Bub 

"Heres to the nights that turned into mornings 
with the friends that turned into family"- AM.AH. 
KGKAA.BA. you girls made these past 4 years all 
worthwhile. Shows, LNT's, Titicut, Friendly's with the 
insane hermanas. Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt and 


Good luck Class of 08! 





CLASS OF 2008 

Arielle McElhinney 

Andrew Mcgovern 

no Photo 


Jami McElroy 

Meaghan McGovern 

M-C Govern 

These past four years have been the best so far. 
Joe, Leah, Kristin, Nick and Becca, you have been 
my best friends here and I love you all. Tuesdays, 
math class, AFY, scrabble, $400, library studies. 
It's been a. lot of fun. Good luck '08. 

Colin McGrath 

Mr. Stoic 

"Ignorance is envy. Imitation is suicide" 


Booker's car. . .enough said 

Chem. Study, calling houses at midnight 

Physics 06-07, TJ trips 



Erin McGrath 

Ashley McKinnon 

Mackie, "Ashley", Ash 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it 

happened" girls- AAA.AH.KG.BA. Thanks for 

everything so many good times ILY. LNT's < 3, Titicut, 

Rainbows end, Friendly's. long drives to nowhere 

and Boston. Trojan sball 5.11.05 Never forget. 

"ya doin' it!" Thanks Mom and Dad. Dawg- GL 

in high school. 

Congrats Class of 2008! Peace out BR! 

Conor McManus 

Winter track 1-4 

Soccer 1-4 OCL champs '05 & '07 

Thanks Mom + Dad, John, Greg. PJ. Ly 

Travel soccer "the Dream Team" 

EKB- Forever and Always 

24 on the 24th- 3 years running 

good luck '08 

Arturo McNeil-Gonzalez 


^v m 

■SZ gr 

CLASS OF 2008 

Kristin Mi 

John McManus 



Kris, Measles. K-AAeaz 

The best way to predict our future is to invent 

it. B. Meg, Leah Den, n' everyone else, you are 

amazing 1 Que 

ing FIESH friendlys the stu< 

the fricken thing, YAH DUMB, green mood rings, 

omarized. waffle fries ONclothes night jogging 

AFY, continue on your journey placebos. YABBO! 

Good Luck '08. invent your own future' 


-He Medeiros 

Jad Nicole TY4E ILY! Friends 3 Good 
on't follow your them! 
ILY my Soulja Girl! A-Block! B-Block! 
.uck Everyl! 


Elizabeth Meekin 



Amy Medina 

There are so many things I wish I could have said 
or done. Things I wish I could take back or replace. 
No one ever knew me well enough to understand. 
But I've seen that I'm happy where I stand and 
who I've turned out to be. I can't believe how fast 
time has flown- good luck to everyone. 

Angela Melanson 

AAASK-B. short lived, but memories I'll never forget. 
DB4L & Checo's Angels, crazy times, love you all. 
Ed's class, CARAMEL LATTE!! Enough said. Girls 
& guys, couldn't have made it without you. Mom 
& Dad, it's been tough, but thank you, love you. 
Paul & Scott. Good luck 1 Tyan, my everything, I 
love you to death. Syphy we'll be back! 


CLASS OF 2008 

Kelly Minardi 

Varsity cheerleading 1-4 ly girls. Thanks for 
everything Morn and Dad. You've been there 
through everything. I bve you Ryan- 3 12/2/06 
Gts with all you girls and guys. Although the past 
four years flew by the memories will always be 
remembered. "School's out. Memories past don't 
ever doubt, our friendship will last." Good luck 
Class of '08! 

Lindsay Monahan 

Natalie Moore 

Thank you to my family for all their love and 
support. Derik Mahoney thank you for everything 
you've done for me and the constant support you've 
given me. I LOVE YOU! 3-22-06. Thank you to 
my friends through it all AG< AR< CR< K< DB you 
guys are the best. Good Luck class 2008 
red sox World Serioes Champs! 

Samantha Moreau 

Kevin Morrissey 

nRt » 

Keeper Mosman 


License woes.3.BF2. the Fist Club Watch 

Head. R.I.P. Lindskog we'll miss you. Pov.< 

come Home!! 

All my great teachers thank you for everythi 

Osgood. Ringuette, Mr. A. Powers E 

McKenna, Settino, Tibbs. and all the others 

glad to be out. Thankful for friends, teacher; 

family, Anxious to start college. And ready i 

what lies ahead. 

Timothy Mulrey 

Thanks to all the teachers and staff for giving me 
an incredible 4 years. Too many good memories, 
ski club, dodge ball, GO CLUTCH, and paintballing 
with all the guys. Thanks especially to my best 
friend Sammy B. for always getting my back no 
matter what. 

Tara Murano 

"These are the days worth living 

These are the years we're given 

These are the moments 

These are the times 

Let's make the best 

Out of our lives" 

-The Calling 

Bestie, best of times. Too many to count Trig class, 

our jam, groovy days Thanks for everything. 

Colin 11/25/06 3 Don't wanna miss a thing. 

J Murdoch 


Patrick Murray III 

aret Needham 

3 * Kyara made high school a blast. 
" Junior prom. Thanks to friends and 
memories that will last forever. 


David Nickerson 



CLASS OF 2008 

Meaghan Murphy 

Meaghan Murphy 

Murph. Murphy Lee 

Family, friends * T.B. Thanks for it all. Chels*Bri. B-R 

2008 it's been real, it's been fun. See ya when I 

see ya. Peace outtt 

Andrea Needham 


"Smile as you remember yesterday, laugh as 
you live today" 

Class of '08 it's been amazing. & guys- endless memories 
brianna & amy my best, ily always 
Mom & Dad.. I love you. Thanks for every- 

Matt, I wish you the best. I love you little bro. 
Soccer giirls ily. OCL Champs. 
Juniors&Underclassmen. goodluck. 



Leah Nelson 

Nickname: Leah Bedia Nelly 
"Forget regret or life is yours to miss." - Lonely 
caterpillar, in chrysalis, wrapped, and waiting to 
exhale. Break free with radiance- Butterfly sprouts 
gossamer wings and flies toward the gleaming 
sun, dancing on the winds of change. Sing to the 
angels in Heaven. Embrace the metamorphosis, but 
never forget the lonely caterpillar, whose light from 
within now shines forever. Remember me. 

Janelle Nickou 

Corrine Prado is beautiful. 
Henry Kunkel is a girl 
James Sares is perfect. 
Josh Boutillier is hairy. 

CLASS OF 2008 



Janese Noble 

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me 
through the four fun years of high school. I will miss 
oil of my teachers especially Mrs. Paterna and Mr 
Rmguette. I want to congratulate my coach, Coach 
Orlando for having another little rugrat that will 
hopefully bve to pby basketball and thank her 
for what she has done to help me get better at 
my most favorite and prized thing to do. 


^— J: 


^S W> \ 

"^ " ~s / 


k ***^ — --* / 

Jj>{ ,<!■ 

— / 

Ho Photo 


Jenna Nowlin 

Tennis Capt. Mom, Dad: TYFE. JN, VN my bests. 
I love you! BK JK MD. Crew "It's been a great 


house, super pizza, ping pong. KD, my other 
half "Bet Buck in Here!" MMG JJL< IWNFY 
ILY. GL 2008! So many memories..." we laughed 
until we cried." 

Justin O'Byrne 

Kelsey Ohman 


"We're adults. When did that happen? And how 

do we make it stop?" -Greys Anatomy 

To all of my friends-thank you for some of the 

best years of my life. 


Chelsea O'Malley 

Cheesyback, Cheese, Chels 
We made it! Mom, Dad, and Grandma- thank you 
for everything. Best Friends and Dunkin Crew, I love 
you all so much! I wouldn't have been able to make 
it w/out you guys. Tyfe! Good Luck 08! 


Breanne Packard 

Ashley Norton 

So many gt's over the 
This was an experience I will never forgel 
love to bus 14! Thanks Dad * Auntie • 
love you guys and couldn't have done it 
you! Good luck class '08! We did it! 

Matthew Oliari 

Shout out to my family and friends, than! 

all your support. 

Football 2 years 

Wrestling 4 years O.CL champs 05, 06 G 

PL. CH< MM-' JN< JO CS we had so muc 

Gt's at marries. 

Good Luck 08 




(\W <§*- 



CLASS OF 2008 

age Jr. 

Christopher Palmieri 


Friends, Gts 
-ALE- Jun. 1. 07 

4 Uu 

Mom & Dad thanks for everything 
AVA "it's a legacy" 




Vr i 

f *~ '" 


\ 1 





Stefani Pagoulatos 

Emily Parsons 


"Twenty years from now, you will be more 

disappointed by the things you didn't do, than 

by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. 

Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade 

winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover..." 

- Mark Twain 

Love ya mom, friends, and class of '08 

'ou ma, thanks for all your love and 

xk class of 20081 

Stephen Pereira 

Stevie mang 

I have had some good times here at BR. Shout outs 
to all of my friends, thanks for being there throughout 
the best four years of my life. Have fun and don't 
regret a thing. BR Seniors 2008 will never be 
forgotten. And remember; if you go down,, go 
down with style! Never accept failure! 

Stephanie Perkins 

"Because the truth is. . . it was the best of times." 
Girls & boys, love you! Quality, tyfe!! SY+JD ly 
always. EKP, bff never change. AL+AN gt'ssss! 
Mom, Dad, Laura, Kim, Chris ly. Good luck Em. 
Relay, proms, 07+08, NH, Cape Cod, cruise '08. 
Class of '08, thank you! I love you all. <3 

Anthony Perry 

"Another Day in the Driveway" 

no Photo 


CLASS OF 2008 

David Phan 

Amanda Pochay 

"Memories are ways of holding on the things you 
are, the things you love, and the things you nevei 
want to lose." BAAK,AMB,AEG,ELG- you're th 
best. Never forget Int's, white horse, New Year 
Eve, antisketchiness, July 3, campf ires, 8976 pron r 
Providence, and crashing everywhere. Mom, d< 
and Erin- thanks for everything. Good Luck 'Ob 

Daniel Poole 

Jenna Pohl 


"Find out who you are and do it on purpose" 
Family and Friends: thank- you for everything I 
love you guys! 

Kevin Pollard 

Winter/Spring Trac 

all of you 

of luck to 



'* W"i ' 1 


H ^* 

|^L ' 

.1" ^ 


Erin Pope 

"Everything happens for a reason' - 
B.A. freshman sleepovers, S.P. and K.I. bffae I lo. 
you girls, thanks for everying. Red Sox parade 
football games, semi, prom 07-08, senior cruise girt. 
Class of 08 thanks for all the memories! 

Mom, Dad. Bri, and Seannie I love you 
Good luck next year Brian! 

Brittany Prescott 

Leah Pringle 

Britti, Bert, Bertowsky, Prescott, tink 

Proud member of the B-R Chorus! 

I've made many life-long friends, or at least I hope 

I'll always be friends with them. ..-AK-BD-CW-HS- 


We'be lost many along the way, but it's only made 

us stronger. Senior Class of 2008 will go down in 

history. "We don't break under pressure!" 

Chip, Jabba, Pringy 

Leslie & Jesse, my best always. Friends, you know 

I love you all! Neighborhood crew! Fockey girls, 

you're my family. Softball 5.11.05, enough said. 

Mom. Tom, Scott, & Rob thanks for everything 

I love you! 

Good luck '08, Keep it real playas ;ol 

CLASS OF 2008 

eshtha Ramanlal 


Ellen Reid 

Tennis 1-4, student council 2-4, Good times: 311, 
lock-ins, semasc, extreme track, six flags, all nighters, 
etc Girls- love you! Emma, ily good luck next year. 
Mom, Dad * fam - thank you for everything. " 
What lies behind us and what lies before us are 
tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Andrew Reifschneider 

Chad Reynolds 

Christina Richardson 

Tina, Duckie 

"Don't regret the things you did, regret the things 

you didn't do" 

It's a bunny ...It's fine. What's worse getting your 

car egged or getting your car egged in your 

driveway with your own egg? latms. Thanks so 

much Mom, Tim, Nang, Auntie Jenn, Uncle Shaun 

for everything^ M.W, CW, SD, N.B, CD, A.M, 


Anthony Rigo 

Phillip Riley 


CLASS OF 2008 

Aubrey Riordan 

Frank Rizzotti 


Aubs. Aubbers. Aubbo. Aubrina 

"So let's live in this day. I know you're dying to 

say it. Let's just live in this moment and pretend 

like we own it." 


Rachel Robbins 

RC&RC more like sisters than best friends. The 
wall. . .enough said, walmart, random drives, sum- 
mer 07, gotta love old blue, south Carolina, bp, tk, 
db, football, 5th row jbj you shoulda been there!, 
the compadres, CS table 4, good luck cam. To my 
family, the snows & my second family ily. 



Jonathan Roberts 

2008 Seniors 

Soccer and Basketball 4 years 

Brian Brown worst halo and guitar hero player 

Jessica Rogers 

Carley Roberts 

Gnarly, Carl-zee 

Lax 2,3,4- love you girls! AG, DB, NM B " 
forever and always! Mom, Mark, Elyse and Amy 
- TYFE; ILY! 5/30/00 LY & MY Dad. "Nobody 
said it was easy, they just promised it would be 
worth it!" GL '08 - We finally did it! 

Cassandra Rogers 


Michaella Rosher 

Thanks to my parents for everything. Thanx to 
Danielle and Alexandra, for being the best sisters 
I could ever ask for. Thanks to my best friends, 
Theresa and Kelsey, love you guys! Good times 
with Meg and Kyara :) 

CLASS OF 2008 

. hockey, OCL champs '06, summers 
the cape, fires at Cogans, Baldies with 

C,PL,NB,KC Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kyle 
your support. Good luck '08 

no Photo 

Jeffrey Santo 

Friends gt's 
Awesome 4 years 
Can't forget the Dunphs! 

James Sares 

Chelsea Schlossberg 

C, Cslosh 

"Everything changes eventually. That's just the way 

life is, and you have no control over it." 

Mom, Dad, Lynn & Ryan; thanks for everything, 

ily. Friends! Mich*mk; girls [KAAALH] - lulab bg's, 

guys & mem, always 

Mich- I do mean that! 1 BRCC * Daniela, NH 

'07. Mac&cheese family; tyfe: matti- goodluck! 

"cabeza!?!" "its in the wash!" "mazda!" Baggie * 

ginger; km2 TM*MS, soccer girls. 

Alexander Sharp 

M 4* ^ * * 

"Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose." 
Football 1-4, Track 1-4, Shake n Bake. BG, CL, 
BW, Nubs, anyone else sorry I forgot you. I'll miss 
you all. Ladies keep it real and call me. Thanks to 
Mom, Mel and Dave. Miss you Dad. 


Adrian Shaw 

Kevin Shepley 

KShep Shep 

2007 Baseball Season my best season ever! 

The kids on the team made the season one of the 

best of my high school carrer. 

"Palmieri, ow long have you been here?" Seriously 

Chris how long? 

Hinckley you're the tallest person I know that's 

what makes you so good at disk. 

Freddy, probably the best disc and guitar hero 

player I know. 

CLASS OF 2008 

Brian Sherman 



i 1 







Brandi Short 




Brian Silva 

Amber Short 

Thanks to everyone that has helped me throuql < 
everything these past four years. We'be m< v I 
this far, now let's make the bet out of it! 
Good luck 2008! 

no Photo 


Matthew Silva 

Give me my chance, give me my wings, dont 
make me think about everyday things. They're 
unnecessary to someone who's very extraordinary, 
like me. -Pippia ENDLESS THANKS TO: My best 
friend & sister Kim, Dad whom I could never thank 
enough, TARAmisu, TheVickStar, JinGroom, K.Hall, 
Emilay, Niki&Joe, Ash+B.AAorg=Gorg, Victoria, 
BrianaWAX, Andi, Hail&Jaim, ETilbe, Chels, Dasani- 
Aquaf ina=Loves, Aurel, Margi, IntoTheWoodsCast, 
Chorus, Newspaper, Drama Clubs. 




Michael Silva 

Derek Slier 

Team Clutch "Das Bewt" -Fun times 

-Cool Friends- T-mul, Casanova, Stoopkid, Mav 

erick, Wingman, Die-Abetic and Iceman 

Laura Smith 

CLASS OF 2008 


Julie St Amand 

Karisa Son 

High school has been quite an experience. I have 
grown through many challenging obstacles, both 
academic and emotional. I never would have 
made i without the help of so many wonderful 
people. I would like to give thanks to...God, my 
family, my teachers, and friends. Best wishes to 
all of you next year! = ) 

Cameron St. Laurent 

It's been a great 4 years here. Golf team- we 
put it in the hole. Hockey- it was a great 2.5 yers. 
LNM you're amazing, thankyou for everything. 
Family, I guess your ok, thanks. 08 Was real, it 
was fun, but not real fun. Take care of yourselves 
and good luck. Good luck '09 

' ^W 

Joseph Studley 

Joe Stud 

Cross Country, winter, spring track, newspaper 

and BTV. 

Everyone, ukwur, good times, its been fun.. Mom, 

Dad, thanks for everything. Sarah and James 

good luck. 

Class of '08 good luck. 

Erin Sullivan 


.'our years, 720 school days. I've met some of 

the most amazing people, kept the most amazing 

friends. You all know who you are, and all the 

memories we've shared. Too many memories, but 

not enough words. 

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but 

I think I have ended up where I needed to 

be" - Douglas Adams 

Stay classy 2008. 

Allison Sylvester 

"I accept chaos. . . Experience teaches us that silence 
terrifies people the most"-Bob Dylan 

CLASS OF 2008 

Taylor Tebbetts 

Tayer, TaTa 

The ones who are always there April, Kara, and 
Jen LY, all the "08 girls/boys, BG's, prom, 311, cape 
houses, FL, Red Sox, R4L, smi at KCs, girls nights 
at MB's, x-mas parties at SB;s, rocking out, Tony's 
voices, pep rally, LB's, Sharpy's, football/soccer 
games, PUNTA CANA, ' glad we made 
it, time will never change it. 

Kanyanat Tengprawat 

David Thomas 

Shauna Thompson 

Good times over the last four years. Life s b 
great, I've got the best friends, family, and t 
friend I could ever want. - ASA, PN. PT JE 
SB, MW, JC, LAA, HJ, Ding! 

Amanda Thrasher 

manda, mandy 

I will never forget about all four years of high 
school. All my best friends SM, LD, KF, SM, AF, 
DW, SG, LT, BG MB, MC, JL, SI. and all the 
fun times we had. I would like to thank my Mom 
and my Dad I love you so much. To the rest of 
my family Love all of you. 

Emily Tilbe 

lifetime, so let me say before we part, so much of 
me is made from what I've learned from you, you'll 
be with me like a hand print on my heat." 
Thanks for four great years! TRIO! 
Raynwater players! Mom, Dad, Tim 
Good luck 08! 

CLASS OF 2008 

Caitlin Trottier 


"Life moves by really fast, if you don't stop to look 

around once in a while, you'll miss it." 

-Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

Thanks to all my friends and family for making 

these past four years so amaizing. 

Melissa Turpel 

Nicholas Urdi 

Nickname: Nick, Urdi 

"underneath the trees, we watched the sky, 
confusing stars for satellites. I never dreamed 
that you'd be mine, but here we are. we're here 
tonight." It's just you and me Laura. Summer of 
'07 LoLa LinLis Thanks Mom, Dad, Ben, Laura, 
Lori, Cailin, Meaghan. 

.■*»" ' 


Vasiliki Vasvatekis 

Vackalackey, V 2 , vide 

Unforgettable times throughout these 4 years. 
JIKLAAB * cheese, cancun 07'. Gushy.spob.Dever. 
continuous laughter * random adventures. Infamous 
Beram Household, always a crazy time. Who?! 
MIKE JONES! Mom ♦ Dad Thank you. LY. "even 
death can never tear us apart." OH WORD?! 
PEACE LATER BR Goodluck forredll. 

Joseph Vella 

Jessica Viera 


'05 '07 OCL champs 

Made some great friends these four years. We 

will always have had the best soccer team for 

Bridgewater. It's been great playing with y ou 

guys. Good luck in college '08. 

CLASS OF 2008 

Sophia Vellemenay 

Ellen Visse 

Ho Photo 


Richard Wapenyi 

Elizabeth Von Iderstein 

Big Rich 

To the class of 08, good wishes. Wrestling Foot- 
ball Spring track. Hangin with the wrestlin boys 
awesome times MO, CH, JAA. Thanks to Mom, 
Dad, bro Matt. Enjoy high school bro, it goes 
by way too fast. "Life is not about the amount 
of breaths you take, it's about the moments that 
take your breath away." 
R.I .P. Creamo 



Matthew Weiss 

Meaghan Walsh 

times at LB's and BG's. Florida,, cruise "06, summer 
'07. My true few and my cruise girls <3 Mom 
Dad, and Kev thanks for everything! I love you 
guys. Peace out '08 and good luck! 

Ryan Whealan 




Jonita Weeks 

Nita, Jojo, Weeks, JJ Boo, J-Town 
Good memories these four years. Gunna mis 
my girlies and guys of '08. I dedicate this bl 
to my "Soulja Gurls" and my few true friei 
Madd good times in "A Block" this year. The 
to my moms, daddy, and Edmund. Also to Jai 
my *1. Much love. Can't forget Ashley W 
Seniors Class of '08, I love y'all. 

It's only after you've lost everything that you'r 
free to do anything. THK, Dad, Bout it, thug life, 
bloomers, weds, bras, Live fast die young 


CLASS OF 2008 

avid Whidden 

Jordan Wiggins 

Ashely Whittemore 

Sarah Wilbar 




no Photo 


therine Williams 

3. Kip, KT 

or Class '08 nothing but love! 

lis captain & tennis girls ily. 

ids! AACJMMAA & guys it's been real. 

iEZA?!; homedawg; Maggie * Ginger; 

nri * Dad love you thanks for it all 

'. never forgotten. MR * CO * MM good 

i talked and danced and said goodbye... 
laughed until we cried." 



Ryan Wilson 


*>* u 

Christina Winsor 

Donald Wood 

Everything I am I owe to all of you. There's 
nothing I'd change about these four years, I have 
no regreats. To the ones who have stood by me, 
I love you. Tina, it's fine. 

I'd give up everything to make you smile, and 
anything to bring you joy. When we're together, 
nothing can stop us. We're invincible. 



CLASS OF 2008 

Eric Woolley 

Elizabeth Worsham 

Scuba good times in Jersey Keeper (hat friggen 
step. Urdi gorma miss you pal And Tina I am 
always hear. OH an Dave get me some Wendys. . . 
NOW! Have Fun and Stay Safe guys love you 
alL ""Family is Forever" 


-*y'- Zi%&&slti 


■^B^^' ****-* wfl 


**f. Wf**^ i9r< B 

h' '.,.,. fi| 


HfciML - 


Danielle Wusteney 

v .vu 

Susan Telle 


Four Years to remember. . . 

To all those that" were here for it all thanks u.k.w.u.r. 

I'm going to miss rockin out in the car and Secret 

Santa with all of the girls. The football games in 

Xaverian with a one-of- a -kind parking spot. F.H. 

girls love you all. Gt's at Brian's, football games, 

Pete's & Sharpy's 

Brett Wyman 

B, B-dubs, Wy-my 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4, BB 1-2, Track 3-4 

My boys Cobs, Reb, B-Rad, Bog Bb, Omie, 

Reagi, Matt, Pete 

"Play on Players." Gt's & pasta pc 

Mandarins, Bonfires, '07 senior pic, getting big w/ 

Wilcox, + straight postin' w/ the boys. Brad A-Z, calc 

w/ Colbs + Brad, Cobs doin backflips, thousands 

of ping pong games. Mom, Dad, Matt + Jill Ty, 

Peace + Love. Good Luck Class of '08 





Aleixa Zonfrelli 



£ r ; fc VU©fo^ 



• \ 





% a 


ss&rwK***- °^ rr 


% vi#* 

u W^ 

Andrea lo 01 ^ 

§ c ' cn c i^n* 

C<U3y „ • 




M^^ : .^^0^ ;,oc^ 

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ii »i^Ui V 


Andrea uttdharn 


'And i Hoy >\* /^^®&*$# 




















- R/ XSTS08 CO^T 




C 0NTf^s-re°8 





Chyanna Abdou 
Bethany Almeida 

Daniel Almeida 
John Amichetti Jr 

Shannon Amiss 
Amanda Andrade 

Kristen Annese 

Cassandra Araya 

Laura Armagost 

Stephen Atkinson 

Corissa Audette 

Jordan August 

Ashley Austin 

Victoria Barca 

Shawn Barrett 

Nathaniel Basler 

Alyssa Baumgarten 

Matthew Bentley 

Julianne Benvie 

Jessica Berardi 

Jonathan Bergeron 

Justin Berry 

Samantha Bissonnette 

Zachary Bissonnette 

Keith Black 

Timothy Blais 

Krishna Bogle 

Paul Bonitto 

Lindsay Bonner 

Lisa Boyer 

Amanda Brown 

Michael Buccella 

Lauren Buchanan 

Colleen Buckley 

Sonya Buckner 

Keith Bundock 
Theresa Burgess 

Andrew Butler 

Robert Cabral 

Robert Cadigan 

Laura Callinan 
Henry Carrasco 


Adam Carvalho 
Leigh Cattaneo 
Jillian Cavanaugh 
Nicholas Champagne 
Marc Chargin 
Mitchell Chargin 
Rachel Chuckran 

Nicole Cicchese 
Dillon Clancy 
Kathryn Clancy 
Sullivan Cohen 
Joseph Collins 
Laura Conley 
Alissa Conti 

Robert Cormier 
David Cote 
Michael Cotone 
Trent Cotter 
Allyson Cournoyer 
Robert Cox 
Evan Crane 

Louis Creighton III 
Samantha Cummings 
Lawrence Cuneo III 
Matthew Curnyn 
Chelsea Dacosta 
Kayla Dakin 
Rebecca D'Ambra 

Brian Dangoia 
Ashley Deandrade 
Diana Dedes 
Laura Delorenzo 
Jaclyn Demello 
Timothy Demoranville 
Kellie Desrochers 

Jay Dev 
Edgar Diaz 
Michael Dibenedetto 
Daniel Dicorpo 
Brooke Differ 
Ashley Donahue 
Kevin Donis 

John Donovan 
Donald Doroni III 
Nicholas Downie 
Katrina Driscoll 
Ryan Duclos 
Cory Dufour 
Brett Dunn 


CLASS OF 2009 

Nicholas Dyer 

Christopher Easton 

Aimee Elder 

Mariana Elias 

Stacy Ellenberg 

Amanda Emerick 

limena Escudero 

Brendan Estano 

James Fabich 

Nicole Fagundes 

Christopher Fernandes 

Alexander Filipek 

Nicholas Finch 

Peter Foley Jr 

Shaddi Fraihat 

Melanie Frazier 

Mason Freitas 

Jeffrey Freyermuth 

Alexandra Fruzzetti 

Michelirte Galindo 

Ryan Garcia 

Meagan Glavin 

Travis Gonsalves 

Jacqueline Grant 

Emma Guardia 

Samantha Guarirto 

Elizabeth Hall 

Johnathan Hanna 

Amber Harriman 

Lee Harrington 

Selina Harris 

Danielle Haslam 

D Jay Hayden 

Tabbitha Hayes 

Erik Hebb 

Lauren Hennessey 

Karl Hexamer IV 

Ryan Hill 

Leah Hixon 

Christine Hogan 

Shawn Hook 

Alexis Hoxie 

Kelli Hudson 

Brendan Hurley 

Brian Hurley 

Justina Ibekwe 

Joelle Ingargiola 

Tyler Irving 

Lucas Ivaldi 


CLASS OF 2009 

Michelle Ives 
Carly Jaspon 
Melissa Jaspon 
Kervirt Jean 
Patricia Johnson 
Steven Johnson 
Thomas Jones 

Kayla Kasmouski 
Kara Keane 
Molly Keene 
Ashleigh Kelly 
Lauren Kelly 
Jennifer Kelton 
Hannah Killea 

Parker Kirchick 
Taramarie Kjelgaard 
Brandon Korona 
Courtney Kuzmich 
Michael Lacouture 
Shaela Lamontagne 
Ryan Langley 

Kenneth Larkin 
Meghan Larsen 
Andrew Larson 
Katelyn Laubi 
Kollyn Lavoie 
Ryan Leclair 
Justin Lindsey 

Christopher Lindskog 
Jessica Lindstrom 
Kurt Livingston 
Ashley Lydon 
Patrick Lynn 
Ashleigh Macausland 
Michael Macdonald 

Andrew Mackenzie 
Richard Mack Jr 
Sarah Maclellan 
Kelly Macomber 
Christopher Madden 
Cory Mahoney 
Ariel Mallia 

Lindsey Maloney 
Kayla Mandeville 
Jenna Manning 
Michael Manter 
Lindsay Marble 
Nicole Marotta 
Samantha Marotta 


CLASS OF 2009 

Roy Marshall Jr 

Ronald Mastrolia 

Lauren Matta 

Evan McCarrick 

Jacqueline McCarrick 

Kevin McCarthy 

Courtney McGowan 

Jacqueline McGuirk 

Colin McHardy 

Renee McKeague 

Matthew McKenna 

Stephanie McLaughlin 

Kelly Meagher 

Matthew Medico 

Casey Mello 

Sean Menard 

Darlene Montani 

Robert Monteith 

Gilson Montrond 

Cameron Morris 

Michael Mulrey 

Karissa Murano 

Michelle Myles 

Benjamin Needham 

Tessa Neil 

Alyssa Nelson 

Antoine Nessralla 

Ryan Newby 

Tarn Nguyen 

Jessica Noones 

Stephanie Nordberg 

Coleman O'Brien 

Michael O'Brien 

Erica Ocasio 

Kyle O'Connell 

Amanda O'Donnell 

Caitlyn O'Leary 

Kyle O'Leary 

Patrick Omar 

Kati O'Neill 

Kelly O'Neill 

Kristen O'Neill 

Angela Ortiz-Merrill 

Daniel Ossai II 

Kimberly Otero 

Ashley Paiva 

Joseph Palmer 

Michael Pantano 

Robert Papp 


CLASS OF 2009 

Michael Pentz 
Stephanie Pepi 
Vanessa Pereira 
Rachael Perez 
Kelsi Poh 
Allissa Poole 
Corinne Prado 

Mollie Principe 
Joshua Pritchard 
Kristopher Proule 
Destiny Rabb 
Derek Ramponi 
Sean Reagan 
Daniel Reed 

Bobby Regan 
John Reichert 
Jacqueline Reilly 
Casey Richard 
Andrea Riley 
Ashurdee Rios 
Michelle Rizzo 

Kathryn Roberts 
Heather Rocha 
Brandon Rodrigues 
Nathan Rose 
Amanda Russell 
Emily Ryan 
Scott Sanderson 

Joseph Sanford 
Damien Sarafian 
Matthew Sasenick 
Ryan Sasenick 
Brittany Sharpe 
Samantha Sheehan 
Molly Shore 

Matthew Shrago 
Jennifer Sikora 
Valerie Sikora 
Nicole Silvia 
Naomi Small 
Kyle Smith 
Alexandra Snow 

Brittany Sobolewski 
Joshua Soucy 
Heather Spring 
Izaiah Stanley 
Valerie Steinkamp 
Breanna Stewart 
Alec St. Laurent 


CLASS OF 2009 

Corie Stone 

Sarah Studlev 

Corv Sturtevant 

Shawna Sullivan 

Allison Sutherland 

Dylan Sylvester 

Felicia Sylvia 

Jessica Tabaczynski 

Tekla Tamulevich 

David Tardiff 

Leah Tashjian 

Anthony Tempesta 

Ryan Thaxter 

Amanda Thomas 

Michael Thomas 

Ashley Tibbetts 

Patrick Tibert 

Sarah Torres 

Samantha Tracey 

Macayla Treacy 

Jonathan Tumiski 

Cameron Turney 

Jessica Ulevicius 

Jorge Urbina 

Kevin Vicente 

James Walsh 

Tyler Waterman 

Ashley Weiner 

William Weinstein 

Allison Weygand 

Margaret Wigley 

Elizabeth Williams 

Kimberly Wood 

John Yannone III 

Amanda Young 

Matthew Zirtgg 


■ I %4 



Ryan Alexandrian 
Julius Allen 
Korey Amado 
Jason Anacki 
Joshua Anacki 
Keith Anderson 
Maral Annaovezova 

Taryn Arrighi 
Kassandra Aveni 
Courtney Avila 
Ashley Baddeley 
Andrew Bajercius 
Asif Bajwa 
Brian Baker 

Chelsie Baker 
Thomas Banks 
Nia Barbosa 
Timothy Barnett 
Jeffrey Bean 
Samantha Bell 
Jordan Benson 

Jessica Berg 
Marybeth Bernier 
Joshua Bevilacqua 
Paul Bevis Jr 
Connor Bissett 
Brianna Blair 
Bryan Bosworth 

Elizabeth Boutilier 
Carly Brady 
Kyle Brady 
Richard Brandos 
Nicolle Brenza 
Amanda Brown 
Henry Brueggeman 

Rachel Bryant 
Kate Bumpus 
Kevin Bumpus 
Alice Burch 
Erin Burke 
Adam Burns 
Jessica Burns 


CLASS OF 2010 

Joseph Burns 

Tyler Buron 

Morgan Byrnes 

Michael Calapa 

Matthew Caliri 

Edward Campbell Jr 

Kelsey Cap 

Steven Capobianco 

Joseph Carbonneau 

Krystal Carey 

Jonathan Carr 

Nicole Carraggi 

Clayton Carro 

Samantha Carson 

Meaghen Chalmers 

Maxwell Chappelle 

Peter Charette 

Heather Charland 

Heather Chubbuck 

Jessica Chute 

Stephanie Cicalis 

Emily Ciliberto 

Wesley Clark 

Samuel Cleggett 

Dennis Clifford 

Kyle Cochrane 

Bryan Cohoon 

Timothy Condon 

Joshua Cordon 

Krista Connolly 

Tara Conti 

Steven Cooney 

Sarah Cote 

Samantha Counts 

Jenna Creswick 

Davyn Cross 

Jessica Crouse 

Matthew Curtis 

Meghan Cushing 

Chad Cutting 

Chelsey Daly 

Dayquan Damas 

Alexis Damish 

Caitlyn Davies 

Joshua Deangelis 

Erin Degrenier 

Alexander Denneno 

Erin Desrochers 

Michaela Dimos 



■ ■ 

CLASS OF 2010 

Christina Dobbins 
Andrea Dolloff 
Ryan Donovan 
Meaghan Dowd 
Jessica Draper 
Richard Dray III 
Lauren Drosos 

Ryan Drowne 
Ashley Dubord 
Ryan Duff 
John Dunmore 
Thomas Dunphy 
Michael Duran 
Leontia Durham 

Jennifer Elias 
Robert Ellis 
James Emerson 
Jordyn Fahey 
Brooke Fernandes 
Jeiza Fernandes 
Jenevieve Freda 

Evan Frye 

Mia Kay Fuller Bythrow 

Joseph Gailius 

Jesus Galindo 

Sarah Gallagher 

Stephanie Gannon 

Daniel Geggatt 

Nicholas Georgantas 
Eric George 
Shawn George 
Anthony Giampapa 
Patrick Gillis 
Megan Gilmartin 
Dana Giove 

Brendan Glavin 
Lauren Gogan 
Daniel Gomes 
Kyle Gomes 
Daniel Grady 
Charlene Hackley 
Douglas Hall 

Katelyn Hall 
Kyle Hancock 
Adam Harrington 
Neil Harrington 
Matthew Hart 
Ryan Hart 
Allison Hausen 



CLASS OF 2010 

Richard Hearn IV 

Emily Hemming 

Michael Herrick 

Meaghan Higgins 

Evan Hill 

Hvman Ho 

Haley Holland 

Nathan Hubbard 

Amanda Hudson 

Polly Huynh 

Niara Ijezie 

Nicholas Ilacqua 

Moriah Illsley 

Brenden Jacobs 

Cody Jaramillo 

Daniel Johndrow 

Isaiah Johnson 

Kevin Johnson 

Samantha Johnson 

Kristen Jones 

Kalen Jordan 

Daniel Joseph 

Peter Kadis (Maynard) 

Michael Kahler 

Kayla Kane 

Lauren Keefe-Harrington 

Samantha Kelly 

Alison Kemp 

Patrick Kemper 

Amanda Kempf 

Corey Kenn 

Timothy Kennedy 

Christie Kimball 

Julie Kimball 

Jillian Kitterick 

Erin Knapp 

Patrick Koczela 

Matthew Kopcza 

Lindsey Kreckler 

John Krill Jr 

Katelynn Landers 

Anna Landucci 

Brian Laumann Jr 

Nicholas Leblanc 

Joseph Lee 

Michael Leon 

Coleman Lewis 

Martin Lewis 

Taylor Lewis 


CLASS OF 2010 

Stephen Libby 
Matthew Lincoln 
Christopher Lindahl 
Jessica Liston 
Rachel Livolsi 
Elias Loucagos 
Jason Loud 

Vanessa Luz 
Matthew Lynn 
Summer Lyons 
Matthew Macarthur 
Cameron Macdonald 
Jamie Macdonald 
Kasey Mactighe 

Amber Main 
Thomas Mantia 
Nicholas Marini 
Marquis Marshall 
Bruno Martelli III 
Kristie Martin 
Marianne Mastrolia 

Alexxi Mathi 
Nicholas Maxfield 
Steven McCarthy 
Jon McCoy 
Emily McDermott 
Michael McFadden 
Alyson McGill 

Ashlee McGovern 
Amanda McGrail 
Kaleena McHardy 
Michael McKinnon 
Collin McLaughlin 
Marc McLaughlin 
Nichole McNeil 

Alyssa McSherry 
Kelsey Meek 
Quentin Meekins 
Arianna Menissian 
Eric Meoli 
Marc Miller 
Leah Molle 

Lindsey Monson 
Jacob Montana 
Erika Monteith 
Brittney Morgan 
Shawn Morin 
Shana Morochnick 
Jeannette Morrison 


CLASS OF 2010 

Steven Moser 
Josephine Mountain 

Thomas Mullen 

Samuel Mullin 

Andrea Murray 

Zachary Murray 

Adam Muzvka 

Matthew Needham 

Kelly Negron-Dickinson 

Angela Nelson 

Courtney Nelson 

Jordan Nelson 

Skylor Nelson 

Anthony Neumeister 

Harry Nguyen 

Kieu Nguyen 

Jacquelin Nickerson 

Kelsey O'Brien 

Charles O'Connor 

Patrick O'Connor 

Alexandra O'Donnell 

Kerry O'Donnell 

Sean O'Donnell 

Shannon O'Leary 

Brianne Oliveira 

Daniel Olson 

Patrick O'Neill 

John Ryley Pacheco 

Heather Paiva 

Katherine Palmer 

Jerry Paul 

Mathew Peltier 

Brenda Pena 

Lauren Perreault 

Erin Pochay 

Matthew Pollard 

Naphtali Polynice 

Molly Pomroy 

Kevin Poole 

Stephanie Power 

Joshua Price 

Shawn Quigley 

Rebecca Raymond 

Russell Reed 

Michael Reichert 

Kyle Reid 

Eric Rigo 

Erin Riley 

Megan Riley 


CLASS OF 2010 

Brandon Robertson 
Kasie Robinson 
Nicholas Rogers 
Evan Ross 
Jillian Rudokas 
Freed Saad 
Luana Saad 

Courtney Saba 
Michael Sansevero 
Chelsie Santos-Silva 
Haley Sarcevicz 
Soha Sattar 
Matthew Saulenas 
Christopher Scanlon 

Timothy Schuttauf 
John Scleparis 
Matthew Scripter 
Andrew Seedholm 
Courtney Semas 
Ryan Shaw 
Colleen Sheridan 

Donald Sheridan 
Katie Sheridan 
David Silva 
Shannen Silva 
Jessica Sivieri 
Ryan Slack 
Stephanie Slicis 

Krista Son 
David Sotera 
Rita Spacone 
Brittany Spinney 
Michelle Spinney 
Adrienne Stearns 
Douglas Stewart 

Robert St. Germain 
Katrina Stoddard 
Chloe St. Thomas 
Kara Sullivan 
Kasey Sullivan 
Bridget Sweeney 
Ashley Szeto 

Joseph Tarbox 
Erin Taylor 
Celina Tchida 
Jasmine Teixeira 
Ryan Teixeira 
Lucas Tirrell Jr 
Jonathan Tonderys 



CLASS OF 2010 

lohn Tranter 

Christopher Turpel 

Jonathan Vallarelli 

Irving Vazquez 

Steven Viera 

Mary Visser 

Bradley Wall 

Kailey Walsh 

Michael Warish 

Jordan Washburn 

Steven Watson 

Stacie Webber 

Mary Weinheimer 

James Weldon 

Timothy Wells 

Molly Wendland 

Tyler Whealan 

Courtney White 

Ryan Whitehead 

Catherine Whittington 

Samantha Wholley 

Jacob Williams 

Ryan Williams 

John Winn III 

Amanda Wong 

Jill Wyman 

Alex Youngworth 

Michael Zutaut 




, ?.^- : m 

Charles Acampora 
Cassandra Agger 
Brittany Ahearn 
Nicole Alfonso 
Kaylee Alphonse 
Brendon Alves 
Joseph Amrhein 

Jillian Antonelli 
Emily Atkinson 
Catherine Ayers 
Samuel Babchuck 
Elisabeth Baird 
Michayla Baker 
James Barca 

Jackson Barron 
Porsha Barrows 
Michael Bates 
Kelsey Baumgarten 
Elizabeth Belanger 
Amanda Bell 
Sarah Belmore 

Shareese Bembury-Coakley 

Jenna Beneski 

Brittany Bergen 

Rachel Bergeron 

Collin Betit 

Russell Bezanson 

Edward Blais 

Ryan Blake 
Brian Boates II 
Elisabeth Bodensieck 
Matthew Bonner 
Ashley Brady 
Kara Brady 
Amanda Brasill 

Samantha Brown 
Jessica Bryant 
Edward Buckley 
Molly Buckley 
William Buckley 
Erin Bumpus 
Christina Burke 


CLASS OF 2011 

Shannon Burke 

Nicholas Burnett 

Jonathan Burns 

Christopher Butler 

Erica B\-narowicz 

Zacharv Callaghan 

Peter Callinan 

Zachary Camara 

Kyle Campbell 

Rachel Cardaci 

Brooke Cardoso 

Joanna Carroll 

Paige Castiglione 

Brendon Cavallaro 

Shayna Cavino 

Zachary Celia 

Michael Chicoine 

Dave Chokshi 

Alexander Cicchese 

Benjamin Clark 

Gregory Clark 

Kaylie Cloudman 

Julia Coakley 

Olivia Coakley 

Kimberlee Cogan 

Amanda Colby 

Matthew Collins 

Sarah Connelly 

Benjamin Cook 

Amy Coole 

Jeffrey Cooney 

Jamie Correia 

Catherine Corsini 

Alex Costova 

Christopher Cote 

Sharee Cotone 

Kathleen Courtemanche 

Jeremy Cowart 

Joshua Crawford 

Steven Cruz 

Scott Cuddy 

Matthew Cummings 

Nicholas Cummings 

Anne Cushing 

Kathleen Dadak 

Jordan Daly 

Madison Dasilva 

Mackenzie Davis 

Daniel Delsignor 


CLASS OF 2011 

Derek Demello 
Danielle Demers 
Lauryn Deponte 
Rose Derienzo 
Erin Desrosier 
Michael Devin 
Isabella Devincenzo 

Kelly Differ 
Devon Dimartino 
Phillip Dimillio 
Anthony Do 
Devinn Doherty 
Ben Donovan 
Mathew Driscoll 

Nolan Driscoll 
Kristen Dufault 
Eric Dufour 
Carissa Dunbar 
Joseph Elias Jr 
Melanie English 
Danielle Enos 

Joseph Esposito 
Brett Estes 
Brian Ferreira 
Jessica Ferrigno 
Matthew Fiorino Toy 
Annelise Fisher 
Lee Fitzgerald 

Michael Fitzsimmons 
Veronica Flaherty-Spencer 
Jeffrey Flanagan 
Kaitlynn Flanagan 
Katie Flanagan 
Jessica Forrester 
Kimberly Fournier 

Lauren Fox 
Chelsea Freeman 
Morgan Fries 
Nathan Frim 
John Fulton 
Kimberly Gabriele 
Joshua Galindo 

Emily Garcia 

Alan Gay Jr 

Andrew Giannino Curtis 

David Gilbert 

Jonathan Gilio 

Chelsea Gill 

Jessica Gillis 


CLASS OF 2011 

Tyan Gill-Le Tourneau 

Lauren Gomes 

Christopher Goncalves 

K.C. Gordon 

Tracy Greco 

Shawn Green 

Alexander Greet 

John Guimaraes 

Jessica Hadley 

Michael Hagen 

Christopher Hall 

Zachery Hall 

Anthony Hardy 

Colin Harrington 

Brian Harris 

Spencer Harris 

Robert Hasomeris 

Anastasia Hatfield 

Aikaterini Hatzidis 

Shannen Heath 

Ryan Hebard 

James Heffernan 

Brian Heger 

Corilyn Henault 

Kevin Ho 

Christofer Hohnsbehn 

Robert Hollstein IV 

Dawn Hook 

Christopher Hudson 

Felicia Hughes 

Brandon Hull 

Kelly Huynh 

Dominique Ilacqua 

Kalie Imprescia 

Domenic Ingargiola 

Kristin Ivaldi 
Matthew Ives 
Nathaniel Jaramillo 
Betsey Johnson 
Victoria Joseph 
David Kaipu Jr 
Andrew Kelley 

Garrett Kelly 

Lauren Kelly 

Scott Kelly 

James Kenney 

Lydia Kern 

Gina Kinan 

Kendall King 


I f. 

CLASS OF 2011 

John Kunkel 
Brittany Kurey 
Alex Laham 
Sarah Landers 
Aaron Langner 
Tyler Laplaca 
Steven Larocque 

Rebecca Larson 
Jaime Laurin 
Blake Lautenschlager 
Jacqueline Leombruno 
Nicholas Leone 
Matthew Libby 
Christopher Lincoln 

Reilly Lindsey 
James Lonergan 
Ross Looby 
Nina Louison 
Christine Luciano 
Derek Luthi 
Patrick Lydon 

Jacqueline Lynch 
Olivia Lynn 
Melissa Macdonald 
Katherine Machellan 
Shelby Mackay 
Devany Mackinnon 
Joshua Mackinnon 

Kathryn Maclellan 
Alyssa Macleod 
Kali Macleod 
Samantha Macmillan 
Ryan Macswain 
Billi Mactighe 
Brian Mahoney 

Mark Mainini 
Patrick Mancinelli 
Jennifer Marinella 
Olivia Marks 
Nathan Martin 
Tyler Martin 
Chelsea Mason 

Amanda Matton 
Brian Maynard 
Kayla Maynard 
Paige McBride 
Derek McCall 
Sean McCall 
Sarah McCluskey 


CLASS OF 2011 

Man. \k I Jonald 

Jillian McElroy 

Jacqueline McFee 

Trevor McGarry 

Nicholas McGee 

Jessica McGinn 

Adam McGrath 

Allison McGrath 

Jeffrey McGuire 

Cameron Mclntyre 

Kari McKenna 

Brooke McLaughlin 

Kaitlyn McLaughlin 

Kendra McMasters 

Patrick McNamara 

William McNamara 

Tiana McQueen 

Daryl Medeiros 

Stephen Medina Jr 

Kimberly Medros 

Ashley Miller 

Ryan Mitchell 

Lauren Monahan 

Michael Moreshead 

Nicholas Morrill 

Marisa Morrison 

Paul Morrissette III 

Kathleen Morrissey 

Kelsey Moscaritolo 

Tercia Motta 

Justine Muldonian 

Erin Mulkern 

Morgayne Mulkern 

Kevin Mulligan 

Taryn Munroe 

Brittani Nardi 

Taylor Nash 

Megan Nehiley 

Ashley Nelson 

Ryan Newton 

Michael Norgaard 

Cody Nussbaum 

Sean O'Donnell 

Molly Ohman 

Christopher Oien 

Kristen Oliveira 

Shawn O'Neill 

Tyler Oslund 

Eric Ostiguy 


r ■- 

■ ■ 

CLASS OF 2011 

Owen O'Sullivan 
Holly Pacewicz 
Joshua Pacheco 
Joshua Pagels 
Russell Paiva 
Thomas Palmieri 
Nikolas Parks 

Akash Patel 
Jeremy Patti 
Thaddius Pedersen 
Alexandria Pellegrini 
Matthew Perez 
Jacqueline Perkins 
Alex Perry 

Jennifer Petty 
Adam Piff 
Zachary Poh 
Brittany Pulley 
Kevin Pyne 
Amanda Quigley 
Madison Reilly 

Sean Ridge 
Cameron Robbins 
Alicia Roberts 
Kristen Roberts 
Gary Roebuck 
Alexandra Rogers 
Nicholas Rondeau 

Alexander Rose 
Laurien Rose 
Abbie Rosen 
Aliya Rosenberg 
Carolyn Russo 
Tom Saade 
Natasha Sajous 

Luis Sandoval 
Hunter Sarafian 
Jeremias Sarante 
Allison Sasenick 
Anthony Scolamiero 
Jessica Secatore 
Caitlin Seddon 

John Shea 
Jeffrey Sherman 
Stephanie Sherrick 
Imani Silva 
Justin Silva 
Noah-Ashley Simonzi 
Chelsea Simozi 


v I 

CLASS OF 2011 

Madison Small 

Lauren Smart 

Christopher Smith 

Kathleen Smith 

Shannon Smith 

Veronica Spencer-Flahertv 

Leonard Sprague Jr 

Joshua Steffen 

Brett Stewart 

Jessica St. George 

Lyndon St. Laurent 

Noelle St. Louis 

David Stone 

Alexandra Strang 

Jedidiah Sullivan 

Kayla Sullivan 

Courtney Svenson 

Stephanie Sylvester 

Mark Sylvia 

Lindsey Tardiff 

Steven Tardiff 

Scott Taylor 

Cherylann Thakur 

Kara Thomas 

Ryan Thomas 

Erica Thompson 

Eric D. Thompson 

Samantha Torpey 

Alexi Tranter 

Adam Travaglione 

Priscilla Trecarichi 

Constantine Tremouliaris 

Olivia Trieber 

Elissa Turpin 

Edrik Luis Umali 

Kalyn Valencia 

Vasiliki Vasvatekis 

Paul Vento 

Valli Vernet 

William Vey 

Elizabeth Visser 

Nicole Wadsworth 

Ronald Wallace III 

Matthew Wapenyi 

Timothy Watson 

Kurt Weineck 

James Weiner 

Erica Weiss 

Jeffrey Wentworth 



CLASS OF 2011 

Matthew White 
Sarah Wigley 
Bethany Wilbar 
Anniessa Williams 
Briyana Williams 
Cyann Williams 
Jessica Williams 

Sean Williamson 
Rachel Winsor 
Cody Wood 
Cassandra Young 
Michelle Young 
Jillian Yung 
Kristen Zarrelli 

Dylan Zingg 
William Zolga 




. J^^^k 


• 4c Mm Of l Jl Hj 







y * 


MLM . 

- ' m 

.- mm i ' • . . 



i ^ , QTS0 8 CONTB^TSO 

cTq08 CONTB^ ^ 






iiiii|miHL"i| -' 



- ... 



Kilt* loltowiftQ aoo Uaktand initlnd' 

domtu Lidlow UliY> ahitu 

iuatnithot aoo daklto dwarn klaUa do 


^001 1100 h(jfllk > 


OJJi hobl aook dklatnitakl aoototll tohlkk o^ aook im'da, 
totu lioltlito^ iiook lofl^totu uiindowL ojj aook 
-v obboktohitia, andtotu mo it it) la. la I data aoo nakthai 

loik known, ^i aki fkood o^ all aook accompfutWrfti. 

$O0l ) 

l / y[onA ) dad and^aokln 



c t>iakSlani l 

Lfov laol Seen a l>oa ojj eompaUion mlo lai akomn into a man o(j lonok. 

^oo a« a UlUinato laol o4 a ion. 

Con^dtufouoni on uovk aceompfukweKU. 

-iff fie S«4i"go+ off og u<nm gvtiMe entfeouou. 

'VOl tool aou atmaai 


dlonakotulationk -Amanda aoool main if! r U)l akl olka bkoudto lain a 
daoaitik tifo uoo\ ^ood tvik and fo&mulato aou andtll Ctott og 



'Viwk, ml an ko bkovd o{ aou. 'M.aa all aoo dklaml tomltkul 
$ool, Mom, "Dad and StepLnie 

Jonathan £a*«i<>tn 


bottom aovdklomi, an 

d aov mitt atmaai fcnd l,uttni> and 


li^l. 'BltkultoaookU 

aktand iaol faitl in tyod, lok U mitt ovidl aou 


$001 mlataovdo and aoo mitt klmain tkol to 

aoukdktamL 1i)l 

md fiootU kdo{ focfe. hltVun £ut! 




om an 


(foo loot kin ook diliait. Keep akomino into the kaoti^ot oikttlat 

aoo akl. OXll tool aov l>o. 


c 0ar\id£aUalan 

OXtt aU 4op4oW ojj aoo\ 
W<w, CW, PtffiUek and^hai 



VJi tool aoo and aU oik 

p4oW $1 (100. 

$00(1 IWk in alltlataoo do. 



oo taoitU udohld ataook linomibL 
^Wiht ho Mood ojj aoo tyuq and im loot 


MaatU hon kllM t all daa lono, totha- 

tnhQ oo hloi\ and nothing wkono. 
MaaT Vokt aoo loot (Ujna loot l>aMo 
tioo, and maa alltu vsihuk 100 w'd\\ 


^VJt loot aoo and aU ho Mood ojj aoo. 




¥korv\ a^Bkldamatik^Badatk^o a 13- 1214 cm ah To a 
^Bkou)n^Blak\ TlkooA iclool and ipovti withank 

aov lok alwadioioiha ita&uk faktl Iti liin a qktoX 

advihtukl with lutLkaohl of"H'^! 'Wlaatu iooknia 

continM andtu mimokitt lak\ l<ykloik\ 
W foiifc $ood ^alt^^appg and qMm\ 

UerfUUiKut* dl^'V.2002 



^oohaoedtainl in aoohuad, 
tj'oohaoe faet in txoWt ikon, 

tfoo aan ittei aoouel^ in ana direction aoo chooie. 
(j'ooUon aoo<< own, and aoo knout what 'aoo knout, 
-Ind aoo akethi on fa one utholt 'decide utllU aooll ao. 
Oh the plain aoofi ' ao. y 04.Sevif 

it Mini liki ioit aikXihiaa aou wihi ohaiuoXlno Ihom 
Kiniihaahtin, nout aouhi ahaioatina ^omftah School! 

Uftj'ovh ohitliUitiauoltih anaohi louli ioih oik fah. 

donQhotulationi, I am io bhooi o$ uo-u! 1 ^ooe ^jW. 
%i}i t n^O%0% 

and allt lax aou Kaoe 


am, "Vad, Sa^al L ^airv\U 

■Rwanda, wi aki iobkoodol^wlo aoolaoibiiornt. 

tyoo laoi mail mana wonilk^ol tnimokia jo* aook^atnila and ^kiind J 

^cmcmlM alwoai io aook kit an IS fcLl fcV fc in aookil 

(joo will h an aweiome taikdkiiUk. 44»bt aoo enioa ivthai. 
*VJi tuiil aootU vm hitfak aook fatoU. Keep Stnilina !! &>oe tyoo, Worn I $>ad 
r Wloo"ttooo -ktnanda, 

tyoo did it, tonakadolationk\ \ow In a eoopfe oj month fiooll ii »( j to college, itnaaimttat\ -And wUnt imv 
aittood ioitkeep aook iiad otand plowtlUoodlv ana ohtoilatlotaoo mact inioontlk. 

£nd Umitnhk, tm olwaai Uki jo4 aoo\ 'Heito j wikiu and <$ood 2Wfe! 0%%0% 

^ooe ,4/wacU, (fook'Bia Stt, Kkaitk 

>loteoe4a htth iiitik lak a iiitik lifo aoo Ltl wai UiUidto taot a wondik^ol on lifo <i,oo\ I (Upe aoo taot a 
akiottlmi [n tolkai. I ktalla will n\iii aoo fahtutinw aook aki aoni. 
$oQl (J [ooklihii t Toki 



Sa4ak, aoo kaoe eorne a lona usaii ilnu 
Uc WI Zllmldaka. / lyU knm aoo 

looii do it and uoi aU io p4oW o(J aoo. 

^ooi aa aluoaai, 
Mam, Oad^diamL tUidina and 





o^ Yaoi alvoaak hintu \jplu o(J ooh 


Mom, W^ac^ ami Step 



HX)M2 la p4oW o(J aa-c! Gon^atufationi! 
aa uo*M f^otoU k UlM-^il ojj hope, 
expectation, and Uppineu. 
Mom, CW/Wi4amf WdM" 


'VOi aU 4a p^a^uoC o(J om anof all aWoe 

accomplice!. Tm lad^ook aiaU at 

1?-^ (Uoe km di^ino donato toild 

obon ak aoo Had l^oh aooh dhiamk Intw 

lotoU. TUe uo'dl aoo koiMi, loot and 

(Uppineu in lolkaxuhQ aoo do. 

tonokaUatlonktlahh 42002 



otv\ an 



fitting fionnoW 


TJJe know aoo will iottttd fataoM o^ aooh ithona will, id 
tont^'diMi and dltihmination. ^oo aU a uaoti^ol ^oono 
.0 will atVitoi aooh ooah. 'VJi ahithola fhood 
o^ who aoo aU and mo aoo will Mtotnd ai aoo tontinoito 


woman wh 

,r Wl loon aoo and will in\oa watcMhfl aooh dhtatni cotniViM. 

tom^rumioyisto ^ andtu c.tou ag 2008 




t)ai, Worn, taia faida, \ina I Pop 4 


H*1 Jt ^ari 




^o(M wUdfom, companion, tU^akt^fneu, 

anof avilita to uliioi in ao4Muf(| aU onla a 

Lmall pavf of) uAo aoo ahi. Uuttim wihlla 

Qitnimhh^u battling In h^i aUnttllnqi 

tuau people like aoo. 

^ooe ; Momancft)acC 



{n a wo' 


tVatii tonitantla 

thainoto maki aoo 

lomitvina ihi 

ihtu Qhlatat 
^afpKOaMo £tv\Mot 



( joti (J(M aoo dtlih initial momidw'dl lad a k^dimi. tyoo accompfUMdf alltu Qoali aoo &etjo4 tto^UMg io wonu 
Mahk aoo. •WSWlOI')!^!!! I clWifv aff "f"(le a^otmemo^eitfatwe Kao€. I hnowthMe will k mana mow mimokia 
and aA'mtmidi {o4 aooto ilaki wdl uook ^amila and ^kiindi. -llwaai bep aook inthuiiaim {o4 !<{e. ^ood $va\i 

with all aou>< [dukt indiaooki. ^out tya, Mom 

^kanddaooltk Sakai Makia, 

L l'oo taae aiiombli&id io m^cC Cod^at^fationi! 'BidVJ'dia jo* ^ood Haiti and moA kappineu [Mi IdoU. Mi 

0(5 ^ooe, ^ancfma 

fion^atofotioMi.SaAoHMa^a! ^jWicUt!!! £faUo{2008.' THu uiWu a«at! ^not we i^tcahtwoitta wotc^oo 

flWuate! ^timeto cef^ate.^OU! WhOa^ertOUuU ahdC ^ooe, ^nt^rfrtjjA W«OUojjm. 


Confl^lotioni on aouk ^M>WVlOyit>Mj. ^VOi aki io p4oW o{ uo^ (Jo* off «o(M fo^ wa^ andf now goo Cooe gc><M 

diploma. T(lu a a maiol Mif^WttataM wiff kimimhktU uda^ aouk fife. Smoa it, 1Ue a>Uh aoo m^et iueem in 

aMgwaV 5eot>e J ^nt^U ) / Une!e£a^^>nattkw 


^VOiH Mr\ aoo okow [do a fine twvno woman. °(ovk fatoU U h^oU aoo. WiahtU kioltmini in a a oh Mhadaa li^t. 

Lfoo will kvMli.wdak aoo taue witM'd akadoation. Iti all intU pfannintf!!! ^oo^Uwh ^ack & ~kod%an 

^aato Qo Sakal\ Maa all aook duami tomitkoi\ fool, Makk, Xmanda I Wlakikha 

tonakatolationi 5akal\ ^>i bkood of off aouk aecowpfutmenh, ust nktainla akt\ Wiai Scf oof waiwdtU kqinninq.. 

qkMUqdii altadl &u t MW 







C&C Photoataph/ 

Congratulation to the class of 2008 

140 Bay rd. Norton Ma. 20766 Phone: 508-285-5141 








irons uossot 



Baldie's Pizzeria 

Pizza -Subs -Sandwiches -Salads -Pasta 

755 Bedford Street 

Bridgewater, MA 


StoiW° r ^ e 




Driving Schoo 

Teaching you safety on the 
road is our driving force. 

1893 Plymouth Street 

Bridgewater, MA 


Best Prices - Best Service - Door to Door 




Taste the Integrity 


* 4 * W 


tst I**** 


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Raynham, MA 

•'»■'. f 


* O 







■ ■ » I 








World Beat 



•Imk ^^HB* 


t ^ 


•m-^ _ 

ftp Pholo/Richa 




Front Page Headlines 

^ As the war in Iraq passes the four-year mark 
tours of duty are lengthened and recruitment 
standards are relaxed. 

▼ To ease the mortgage crisis, the U.S. 
Senate passes legislation allowing 
homeowners with delinquent sub-prime 
mortgages to refinance into federally 
insured loans. 

▲ The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to former Vice President Al Gore 
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, represented by 
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, for their efforts to call attention to global warming. 

T Schools across the nation are 
thoroughly disinfected —and 
some are even shut down— 
to quell outbreaks of staph 
Infections, including antibiotic- 
resistant strains. 

na<*ii*s 'i i i 

▼ Dozens of tornadoes tear 
across Tennessee, Arkansas, 
Mississippi, Kentucky and 
Alabama on February 5, 2008, 
killing nearly 60 people. 

▲ In late October, Governor 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
declares a state of emergency 
due to wildfires that burn more 
than half a million acres in 
southern California. 

▲ American consumers lose 
their confidence in China's 
manufacturers when children's 
toys tainted with lead trigger 
widespread recalls. 


•4 The Nintendo "Wii-nomenon" sweeps the nation 
as the game console outplays the competition 
with sales of more than 13 million units. 

© Ted Soqui/Ted Soqui Photography USA/Corbis 

H . 

A Writers hit the picket lines and television production 
is halted for months when the Writers Guild of America 
goes on strike to protest compensation policies for 
new media such as iTunes downloads. 

In Littleton, Colorado, 
construction is completed 
on the $1.5 million 
Columbine Memorial to 
the 1 3 victims of the 1999 
shooting at Columbine 
High School. 

i* * 





A On August 1 , a six-lane I-35W bridge stretching across 
the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapses into the 
river during the height of the afternoon rush hour. 


4 e^°n* 

© Jose Fusle Raga/Corbis 

► People around the world cast more than 100 
million online votes to determine the New 
Seven Wonders of the World. The winning 
wonders are announced at a gala in Lisbon. 

▼ More than 150 of the world's leading music 
acts perform in concerts staged around the 
world for Live Earth, a star-studded event to 
draw attention to the global climate crisis. 

Tropical cyclone Sidr is 
the deadliest storm to hit 
Bangladesh in a decade. 
It destroys thousands of 
homes, ruins crops and 
forces more than a million 
villagers to evacuate. 



I ▼ U.S. astronaut Peggy Whitson 
is the first female commander at 
the International Space Station. 

Gelty Images 

4 The digital smiley face 
celebrates its 25th 
birthday. Its inventor, 
Carnegie Mellon 
professor Scott E. 
Fahlman, first used 
the icon on an electronic 
bulletin board in 1982. 

► Social networking websites continue to surge 
in popularity. MySpace and Facebook remain 
dominant as the sites of choice for young 
people and inspire a host of innovative imitators. 

▼ Concerns about overweight dogs and cats 
hit the headlines. Veterinarians prescribe a 
regimen of fewer treats, more walks around 
the neighborhood and no people food. 

*holo IllustrajieJ 

hrls Jackson/Getty Images 

Concerns over the environment 1 1 ▼ The Apple iPhone, with its 

and increasing energy costs 
create a growing consumer 
demand for energy-saving, 
long-lasting compact fluorescent 
light bulbs. 

revolutionary touch screen, 
packs mobile phone, camera, 
iPod, Web browser, email and 
IM capabilities into a sleek, 
portable package. 

PA Pholos/Landov 

Nora the Piano Cat™ © 2007 Alexander & Yowl 

▲ Higher prices for coffee beans 
do not lessen the nation's 
craving for coffeehouses. 
Independents and chains 
alike continue to be popular 
with younger consumers. 

3 9 S ! 

© Thorn Lang/Corols 

T Cute and comfy baby doll jumper 
tops and dresses with button 
straps start as a summer trend 
and morph into fall fashion layered 
over close-fitting sweaters and 
matching tights. 

'*- ^* f . 




Stephon Marbury inspires a host of 
celebrities, including Sarah Jessica 
Parker and Venus Williams, to 
battle the high-priced fashion industry 
by creating their own affordable apparel. 

-^ The craze for oversized 
leather bags— in metallic 
shades of copper, silver 
and gold — inspires a 
trend for matching 

I footwear in daytime 
and nighttime looks. 


T The music video game Rock Band is 
released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Players perform together in virtual bands, 
using peripherals to hit notes as they 
scroll onscreen. 

▼ The music video game Guitar Hero 
III: Legends of Rock is released with 
a soundtrack of 71 playable songs. 
Slash and other real-life guitarists 
appear as in-game characters. 

f ; '{4 


Adam Berry/Bloomberg News/Landov 

After a two-year format war, 
Toshiba pulls its HD DVD 
product out of contention, 
leaving Sony Blu-ray as the 
sole next-generation successor 
to DVD. 

■^ Even after lonelygirl15 

is revealed as a 

fictitious character, 

her popular storyline 

continues for a full : ^( 

season as an Internet 

dramedy series on 

YouTube and MySpace. 



« / 




game dflft p«« m\t*W 

Y >880"""»0D 




=* ~t.V r-t-.i-ik. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly 
Hallows, the seventh and final 
book in the enormously popular 
series, is released. Its first U.S. 
print run is a record-breaking 
12 million copies. 





■ !*0Xm 

W.) . „ 


pw v ) W 

■ ** Hr/Vvfl 

planet earth 

■ ' ■ 

i «% © 

>s If 

A Large-scale multiplayer 
online gaming gives rise 
to virtual worlds where 
players interact via avatars 
and the computer-generated 
environment is similar 
to the real world. 

I A Beading makes a comeback 
1 as a way to relax and creatively 
I spend time with friends. 


A High School Musical 2 becomes 
the highest-rated cable 
broadcast in the nation's 
history when 17.2 million U.S. 
viewers tune in to the Disney 
Channel for its debut. 

▲ The NBC drama series Friday 
Night Lights, about a fictional 
high school football team, is 
taped documentary-style, 
without rehearsals, to give it 
a more authentic feeling. 

•^ On The CW, Blake Lively portrays socialite teen 
Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, a drama 
series that follows the lives of prep school students 
from New York's Upper East Side. 

► America Ferrera, 
who plays Betty 
Suarez on the popular 
ABC comedy-drama 
Ugly Betty, is the 
first Latina to win the 
Emmy for Outstanding 
Lead Actress in a 
Comedy Series. 

A ABC's Dancing with 
the Stars rules the 
ratings thanks to 
popular celebrity 
participants such 
as Sabrina Bryan of 
The Cheetah Girls. 

Favorite TV Shows: 




▼ Shia LaBeouf portrays a teenager who is 
plunged into a high-tech battle between good 
and evil alien robots in Transformers, a live 
action adaptation of the 1980s cartoon series 

▼ A 90-minute episode of The 
Simpsons takes six years to 
make. The Simpsons Movie 
finally makes its big-screen 
debut and is a major hit. 

Joel and Ethan Coen write and 
direct No Country for Old Men, 
a film adaptation of Cormac 
McCarthy's bleak, moody modern 
western novel. The film receives 
eight Oscar nominations. 

© Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

T In / Am Legend, Will Smith is 
the last man alive in New York, 
after a man-made virus wipes 
out most of the world's population 
and turns the survivors into 
dangerous mutants. 

Using a combination of live action and animation, 
Enchanted tells the story of Giselle, a fairy-tale 
character seeking a "happily ever after" ending 
in modern-day Manhattan. 


T Fergie continues to place 
singles from her triple-platinum 
solo album, The Dutchess, on 
the Billboard charts. 

v : i ■, ..witfi', 

T Fall Out Boy headlines the Honda Civic tour, 
performs at Live Earth concerts and reaches 
the top of the charts with the release of their 
album Infinity on High. 


British singer Amy 
Winehouse brings 
back the beehive and 
wins five Grammy 
awards for her work 
on Back To Black. 


Robert Pitls/Landov 

AP Photo/Peter Kramer 

▼ Canadian pop singer Feist 
enjoys soaring sales for her third 
solo album, The Reminder, after 
the single "1234" is featured in a 
commercial for the iPod nano. 

T Newcomer Sean Kingston 
tops the U.S. Billboard Hot 
100 and Pop 100 with "Beautiful 
Girls," his first single from his 
self-titled debut album. 

*f i 


▲ Rihanna records her third 
album, Good Girl Gone Bad, 
featuring Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. 
She receives six Grammy 


Malibu singer-songwriter 
Colbie Caillat rises to stardom 
from MySpace. Her song 
"Bubbly" garners more than 
31 million plays and her CD 
goes platinum. 

AP Photo/Jason DeCrow 

▼ Carrie Underwood releases her 
double-platinum second album, 
Carnival Ride, and contributes 
the Oscar-nominated song "Ever 
Ever After" to the soundtrack for 
the movie Enchanted. 

Country star Kenny Chesney 
releases his 13th album, Just 
Who I Am: Poets & Pirates. 
His Rip Flop summer tour is 
the highest-grossing country 
tour of 2007. 

►. R 




AP Photo/Empire Expo Cenler, John Haeger 

▲ After facing off at the MTV Music 
Awards, rapper rivals Kanye 
West and 50 Cent release 
albums on September 1 1 and 
vie for top sales. Kanye's 
Graduation is the victor. 


- .-':'.•. II- ■ .- .- •; 

A. Hip-hop artist T-Pain releases 
his second album, Epiphany. 
The album receives four 
2008 Grammy nominations 
and the Vibe 2007 Song of 
the Year Award. 

•4 Soulja Boy reaches the top 
of the Billboard Hot 100 with 
the single "Crank That (Soulja 
Boy)" and his distinctive, 
loose-limbed dance style 
becomes a nationwide craze. 

w * '*$* 


A * 





Radiohead invites listeners and 
fans to pay whatever they want 
for a digital download of their 
highly acclaimed seventh album, 
In Rainbows. A "discbox" edition, 
with standard CD and vinyl LP, 
is released in January 2008. 

▲ Punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne releases 
her third album, The Best Damn Thing, 
featuring "Girlfriend," her first No.1 single 
on the Billboard Top 100. 

■4 Norwegian golfer 
Suzann Pettersen 
wins five LPGA events 
including her first major 
championship in a 
break out season. 


T Former Senator George Mitchell 
releases a list of Major League 
Baseball players, including 
seven MVPs and 31 All-Stars, 
under investigation for illegal 
use of steroids and other 
performance-enhancing drug 

▼ The veteran San Antonio Spurs, 
led by Tim Duncan, beat the 
Cleveland Cavaliers and their 
young phenom, LeBron James, 
in a 4-0 sweep to win the 2007 
NBA finals. 

A AtX-Games13,Ricky 
Carmichael wins the fin 
MotoX Racing Circuit, Simon 
Tabron does back-to-back 
900s in BMX Vert and Jake 
Brown survives a 40-foot fall. 

Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images 

Jesse D. GarrabranVNBAE/Getty Images 


The LSU Tigers pounce on 
Ohio State early on their way 
to a 38-24 victory. LSU is the 
first two-loss team to compete 
for and win the BCS National 

:^,jm # 




.Wrrft t ' 


▼ California native Jimmie 
Johnson speeds to victory 
as the 2007 NASCAR Nextel 
Cup Champion, defeating his 
Hendrick Motorsports teammate 
Jeff Gordon by 77 points. 


▼ The Anaheim Ducks claim their 
first Stanley Cup, beating the 
Ottawa Senators in five games 
for the 2007 NHL championship. 

AP Pholo/Ross D. Franklin 

Athletes from around the world 
train for the 2008 Summer 
Olympics in Beijing as the 

;ity prepares for the arrival 
hundreds of competitors 

ind millions of spectators. 

) Robert Lesieur/Reuters/Corbis 

Mike Blake/Reuters/Corbis 

Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli 
Manning leads the New York 
Giants on a last-minute scoring 
drive to upset the heavily favored 
New England Patriots 17-14, 
shattering the Patriots' bid for 
a perfect 19-0 season. 

•4 Belgian Justine Henin defeats Russian Svetlana 
Kuznetsova 6-1, 6-3 to win her second U.S. Open 
title in New York. 

▲ Power hitters Barry Bonds. Frank Thomas, 
Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez, Craig Biggio and 
Jim Thome all achieve home run milestones 
in their Major League Baseball careers. 

AP Photo/AJ Mast 

Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers 
surpasses Dan Marino's touchdown 
pass record with number 422. 2007 
NFL MVP Tom Brady of the New 
England Patriots sets the single 
regular-season mark for touchdown 
passes with 50. 




After Super Tuesday primaries on February 5, 2008, 
the presidential race heats up among frontrunners Hillary 
Clinton, Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Barack Obama. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton 

Mike Huckabee 

John McCain 

Barack Obama 

Entertainment Weekly names 
J.K. Rowling — author of the 
seven-volume, 4,100-page 
Harry Potter series of best-selling 
children's books— as its 
Entertainer of the Year. 


A Heartthrob Zac Efron, who came to fame 
with his performance in the first High School 
Musical, becomes an even bigger teen star 
with the release of High School Musical 2. 

► The Best of Both Worlds tour, starring 
Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, sells 
out in every city, prompting ticket lotteries, 
heartbroken fans and scalping scandals. 

▼ In January 2008, Academy 
Award-nominated actor Heath 
Ledger, 28, is found dead in 
his Lower Manhattan apartment 
from an accidental overdose of 
prescription medication. 

I UPI Photo/Sylvain Gaboury/Landov 

', ▼ At London's Wembley Stadium, 
Princes William and Harry 
host the Concert for Diana 
to commemorate the tenth 
anniversary of the death of their 
mother, the Princess of Wales. 

. Multi-talented star Queen 
Latifah becomes the latest 
spokeswoman for Jenny 
Craig. Her message isn't 
about getting skinny, but 
about losing weight to reduce 
the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

▲ As Izzie Stevens on ABC's 
Grey's Anatomy, Katherine 
Heigl is a small-screen star. 
As Anne Fletcher in the 
comedy 27 Dresses, she 
conquers the big screen 
as well. 


ARND WIEGMANN/Reuters/Corbis 

PA Photos/Landov 

© 2008 Jostens, Inc. 07-0973 (1910) 

4** WM 

I ' n ^T U